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MAD Metaverse Announces $10 million Airdrop for September 2022

MAD Metaverse is preparing one of the biggest airdrops of 2022 —a giveaway of $10 million worth of their in-game currency, $BIOMETA, and 10,200 NFTs from the MAD Metacell collection.

The giveaway starts on Friday, Sept. 9th, and the Metacell Free Mint on Sept. 16th. Users will have to register to the MAD Whitelist at, which will give them exclusive access to the 1) $BIOMETA Airdrop, 2) MAD Metacells Free Mint, 3) Metascientists Pre-Sale & Main Mint and exclusive channels in the MAD Discord. Users without the free MAD Whitelist will not be eligible to participate.

Built on Ethereum, the MAD ecosystem features 3 playable NFTs (Metascientists, Metacells & Nanocells) focusing on one key concept: Evolving NFTs. The MAD Metaverse is a highly immersive play-to-earn (P2E) multiplayer online game taking place in the post-singularity era. Users can choose one of 10,200 MAD Metascientists; these unique NFT characters will help them search for $BIOMETA, the most precious resource in the MAD Metaverse. Featuring dynamic artwork and audio rarity, MAD Metascientists are not your usual PFP, and they come filled with utility and value.

Each MAD Metascientist has traits that evolve to increase their rarity and value for their owners. They have different sets of skills and abilities which users can leverage to play God and create powerful —and dangerous— new species, the MAD Metacells. They can also be staked in The Lab for earning a scientist salary for their owner.

MAD Metacells are part of the MAD Metaverse created in the in-game Lab. These self-aware organisms feast on $BIOMETA to grow and evolve into a new species of their own, the MAD Nanocells, ephemeral creatures that can gather $BIOMETA via battles. Each Metascientists will also be entitled to one MAD Metacell.

The MAD Metaverse can host millions of players, but those who can get their hands on a limited Metascientist (Total supply of 10,200) will be far superior to other players, thanks to the Metascientists’ higher levels of skills, better attributes, exclusive privileges, and the ability to receive better returns in the long run. No matter what role players choose to play, the main goal is to collect $BIOMETA to help with their experimentations.

Besides the 3 playable NFTs, the MAD ecosystem also features a gamified DeFi facility, where users can play and evolve their NFTs. In the Lab, users can play with their Metascientists and Metacells, while also being able to mutate their Metacells using 3rd-party collectibles t, allowing for more $BIOMETA harvesting and defending themselves against other players and bad actors on the MAD landscape.

The MAD Metaverse team has partnered with top-tier game developers and world-renowned artists, including Kevuru Games, Ubisoft, and EA Games. This will ensure that MAD Metaverse engages players in an MMOG with never before seen gameplay mechanics and aesthetics in NFTs.

As the game evolves, it will support multiple blockchains including integrations with Solana and Polygon, and therefore bringing a richer cross-chain experience for users.

About MAD Metaverse
MAD Metaverse is an upcoming P2E MMORPG featuring Evolving and Dynamic NFTs with unique artwork and audio rarity. Built by top gaming studios (Kevuru Games), in the MAD Metaverse users can increase the performance, rarity and value of your NFTs, enabling players to craft their own unique experience.



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Vendredi 9 Septembre 2022