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Malta Blockchain Summit 2018

1-2 November, InterContinental Arena, St. Julian’s - Malta.

Thought leaders gather in Malta to discuss blockchain

The first Malta Blockchain Summit is set to take place in Malta in November 2018. The summit will cover four conferences on the most pressing issues facing blockchain technologies, and is expected to attract no less than 4000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150 sponsors and exhibitors from prominent players in the emerging blockchain and DLT sector.

Inspired by the recent initiation of Malta’s Virtual Currency Act, the Malta Blockchain Summit will be held for the first time this year on the 1st to 2nd November at the Malta InterContinental in St Julian’s.
The summit is comprised of four conferences covering the field’s government and regulation, marketing and affiliation, fintech, tokenomics and cryptocurrencies, and blockchain for developers.

Although the emergence of blockchain carries many loaded political questions, few politicians have yet fully understood the significance of this technology. One prominent exception is the Greek MEP Eva Kaili, who is embracing thought leadership on the topic. Kaili has spoken frequently on the relevance of blockchain and sees great political potential in the new technology. She is one of the confirmed speakers for the November conference.

“The citizens will now have full control of their data. If you avoid intermediaries you can enable direct payments for a service that you can provide on a blockchain. For example, as an artist you can upload a video on a blockchain-based ‘YouTube’. Depending on the clicks and advertisement you got on the platform, it sends directly into your account the amount of money that you deserve without associations and intermediaries. If you think about it, it can be a revolution to everything that we know of,” MEP Eva Kaili said in an interview with Finance Magnates a while back.

In her capacity as the Chair of the European Parliament's Science and Technology Options Assessment body (STOA) she has been working intensively on promoting innovation as a driving force of the establishment of the European Digital Single Market. Kaili has been particularly active in the fields of blockchain technology, m/eHealth, big data, fintech, AI and cybersecurity.

Boasting over 4000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150 sponsors and exhibitors, the Malta Blockchain Summit promises to be an innovative and momentous opportunity for global influencers to network, forge new connections and debate the potential applications of blockchain across a myriad of industries such as health, entertainment, government, and banking.

“I wish to welcome every blockchain enthusiast to the Malta Blockchain Summit, a melting pot for global influencers in technology, civil society, democracy promotion and innovation. Expect riveting discussion about the world-changing potential applications of blockchain across multiple verticals, including, but not limited to health, entertainment, government, banking, payments and fintech, and more,” says Eman Pulis, Managing Director of the Malta Blockchain Summit.

An illustrious melting pot of global speakers has already been confirmed to take part, including prominent individuals such as: Carla Maree Vella, James Catania, Max Krupyshev, Gordon Einstein, Alex Lightman, Joseph Cuschieri, Sally Eaves, Tugce Ergul, Karl Schranz, Pavel Kravchenko and Vince Vella. The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, will also speak at one of the conferences.

Topics for discussion include for instance the debate of transparency vs the right to be forgotten, e-Residency, how to build a regulatory framework for blockchain, whether blockchain will replace the top-down approach of contemporary government, the relevance of smart contracts, and the evolution of marketing when the customer holds their own data.

A study commissioned by the World Bank has suggested that distributed ledger technology (DLT) can partially or entirely replace government as the authority of identity authentication, issuing certificates, land titles, storing health records, disseminating social benefits, and the management of votes. A vivid debate on the topic on places like the Malta Blockchain Summit is therefore right on time.

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