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FTMO Review: Superior to TopStep?

Investing is all about percentages. Even if a trader could make a 10% profit every time they traded, if they only started with $10, they wouldn’t make very much profit ($1) on a trade. However, if you changed that initial amount to $10,000, then they’d make $1,000 on their first trade: a decent profit!

Often, the biggest thing holding back professional traders isn’t their lack of experience. Instead, it’s a lack of capital. That’s where a proprietary trading firm like FTMO can step in, offering to fund traders who can meet—or exceed—their profit target and trading objectives.

Open to successful forex traders, swing traders, day traders, and other types of traders, the FTMO challenge provides the opportunity to become a funded trader for FTMO. If a potential trader can pass the two-step evaluation process then they’ll become an FTMO trader, allowing them to profit share from their daily returns.

Does this type of opportunity sound like something you’d be interested in? Think you could make the cut? If so, keep reading to find out how you can get started trading on FTMO!

FTMO is Best for…

Experienced traders with lots of trading talent. Becoming a funded trader with this proprietary trading firm isn’t as easy as simply trading capital provided for you. You’ll have to pass the evaluation process by meeting trading objectives and hitting the profit target.

Nonetheless, this should be more than doable for skilled traders. Unlike some similar funded trading companies, FTMO allows those going through the vetting process to use any trading tactics they see fit (as long as they’re legal).

This lower bar to entry makes FTMO the superior option to many alternative platforms, although we still wouldn’t recommend it to beginner traders as you do have to “pay to play.”

Pros & Cons

● The verification stage imposes few trading rules and allows nearly any trading strategy, unlike alternative prop firms that also offer funded accounts
● You can choose between a normal risk level or more aggressive accounts during the verification process (which affects the goals/loss limitations)
● You can reach the customer support team 24/7 via email, live chat, or WhatsApp
● Profit splits vary from 80%-90%

● FTMO isn’t fit for trading stocks or futures
● Even if you meet all the goals within the verification stage right away you must continue investing until the minimum trading days have passed

Minimum Investment

You’ll need to pass the FTMO challenge if you want to become a funded FTMO trader. The fee you’ll be required to pay depends on the level of challenge you’d like to take. The “Normal” risk level challenge costs from $139.50 to $972. The “Aggressive” challenge costs from $225 to $972

Normal accounts offer initial funding amounts of 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, and 200k. However, the “Aggressive” accounts only offer funding amounts of up to $100,000. The funding amount and challenge level you choose will affect the one-time fee you’re required to pay upfront.

Your choice of plan will also affect the terms of your challenge, such as your minimum trading days, maximum trading period, daily loss limit, overall loss limit, and profit target.

Although the FTMO challenge has two stages, you won’t need to pay anything additional for the verification stage (stage two). In fact, the only way you’ll need to pay twice is if you end up in the negatives.

Failing the challenge with a positive balance, while not ideal, isn’t the worst thing in the world. If you manage to keep a positive balance despite failing, FTMO will allow you to take the challenge again without charging you the fee again!

Investment Opportunities

During the FTMO challenge, the prop trading firm provides traders with plenty of resources to take advantage of. A few notable mentions are FTMO MetriX (which tracks your account progress), FTMO Mentor (which tracks your trading behavior), and the Trading Academy (which is full of educational resources).

After a successful trading run in both the first stage and the verification phase, users will have their trading accounts upgraded to “funded trader” status. This will give them access to the demo trading account, which they can use to make real profits.

Unlike some other trading platforms, FTMO never actually gives its traders an active account. Instead, the company allows traders to conduct simulated trades using live data from the financial markets. FTMO then takes this data and decides if it wants to mimic the trades.

If you’re interested in how it all works, you can find out the details on their “How does account management look from the technical side?” page in the FAQ. However, this part is essentially unimportant to you as the trader. Regardless of whether or not FTMO decides to imitate your trades, you’ll still enjoy a revenue split of 80%-90%!

FTMO Review: Our Final Thoughts

FTMO offers successful traders the capital increase—i.e., a funded account—they need to start getting the returns they want. Best of all, the risk is extremely small, as traders can keep trying to pass both the challenge and the verification phase. Unless they end up with a negative balance at the end of the maximum trading period, they’ll only ever need to pay once!

Although this process will take more than a couple of days, the benefits of becoming a highly profitable trader far outweigh the time required. If you’re interested in giving FTMO a try but aren’t quite sure if you’re ready to invest any money, you’ll be happy to know that there’s an alternative option.

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