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Corporate Finance, DeFi, Blockchain News

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit September 28th and 29th, An Exclusive Blockchain Event For Innovative Projects And Key Participants in Tokyo.

TEAMZ is proud to announce the next TEAMZ Blockchain Summit. The summit connects trusted investors, blockchain projects, exchanges, media platforms, and influencers in all sectors to contribute to the emerging global blockchain eco-ecosystem.

The focus of the event is to create partnerships with investors and blockchain projects through closing deals, creating alliances, and networking for global growth.

This two-day event gives you the opportunity to network with over 2000 participants including 45 speakers and investors, 55 projects exhibitions, 20 exchanges, key media platforms, and many influencers from all over the world.

Investors and keynote speakers include Du Jun, co-founder of Huobi and founder of Node Captial, Jeffrey Wernick, founder of Lebox Capital, Nick Yang Ning and editor in chief of Forbes Japan, Makoto Takano, An Xinxin, Founder of Huan Taiji, and He Chang from China. New key guests are being added weekly.

At the beautiful Terrada event space, guest speakers, innovative projects, key talents, and industry experts from the all over the world will unite to speak about the newest innovations, trends, and help build a stronger blockchain market.

On September 29th, engage and interact with everyone over food and cocktails during an exclusive red carpet gala and dance the night away at the after party in the city of Tokyo.

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Vendredi 10 Août 2018

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