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Corporate Finance, DeFi, Blockchain News

Lisbon will host in September the first ABC Summit - Portugal

The ABC Summit is an event dedicated to Blockchain and cryptographic solutions that are captivating the interest of individuals, businesses and governments worldwide.

Blockchain is a technology used over the net that allows to streamline and render transparent and inviolable complex processes, like financial transactions or even elections.

Through a smart contract that determines the rules of operations on the Internet, any process started thtrogh the Blockchain has a decentralised, but shared registry which is chain validated throughout the participating network at various levels.

It has the potential to become the next mainstream infrastructure for communication and commerce, for instance, and to introduce new freedoms while streamlining compliance and universal interoperability.

It’s a scientific (r)evolution that can mean a fundamental and radical change at the social, economic, financial and even political levels.

The ABC (acronym for Asset Backed Crypto) Summit will serve as a business show for several start ups from the most diverse areas which have in common the fact that their activities are supported by assets or add real value projects.

Using this criteria, the organisation was able to scrutinise the type of companies and their business model if seeking crowdfunding through the issuance and sale of own cryptocurrencies - Initial Coin Offer (ICO).

Such pre-selection will certainly help investors to look with greater confidence at projects presented at the event, specially at a time when market volatility leads to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - originated in the Blockchain and based on speculation - undergoing extreme price swings.

The ABC Summit also aims to enlighten the public on all these issues.

There will be information and debate panels with various experts on distributed consensus technology solutions and Artificial Intelligence, but also well known speakers with other insights such as finance, economy or social impact.

Financial inclusion and social responsibility will also be targets of understanding in the discussion ahead, as there are proposals being presented in Lisbon’s ABC Summit that reflect these concerns.

When a business is conducted under the Blockchain technology excellence, aiming at better practices and transparency, is there space for more? Fortunately, yes. Helping others is also good for business.

As the Blockchain is such a recent technology, in the early days of its adoption worldwide, the summit’s organisation will be paying close attention to young people’s minds and their skills while visiting us in the Portuguese capital.

We created a program throughout the event aiming to address the needs and aspirations of college students and other young people willing to learn more about Blockchain. From workshops with professionals in this area to pitching ideas in a contest to capture the investors interest, the ABC Summit will also have a particular section for those seeking job opportunities with startups and other companies working with this technological approach.

The ABC Summit will be held at Lisbon Congress Center on September 28 and 29, 2018.

We call on everyone, not only Portuguese, to take part of this moment, as Lisbon will be the European stage for a worldwide class event.


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