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Corporate Finance, DeFi, Blockchain News

BLøCKCHA1N: Blockchain Conference - Paris 2015 (3th November)

BLøCKCHA1N is organized by Finyear Labs, a laboratory of ideas & innovation part of Finyear.

This event is dedicated to the Blockchain technology and its many future applications.
Today when we look at the Blockchain, it looks exactly as the Web did back in 1994, just before it exploded. Two decades later it seems that we are at a similar moment and in this way, the Blockchain, which is the innovation behind bitcoin and other digital currencies, is the "Next Big Thing".

Personal computers in 1975, the Internet in 1993, and Blockchain in 2015

“It’s my belief that Blockchain technology will be as important to the world as Gutenburg’s printing press,” Nicolas Cary, cofounder of “For the first time in the history of the world we can reimagine how the world transacts without relying on an intermediary.”

Some of the future application of this technology include: Finance, business intelligence, cross-border payments / transfers, centralized compensations, proof of work, proof of existence, proof of authenticity, proof of discovery or invention, data management, compliance, Peer-to-Peer Exchanges, mortgages, loans, financing, crowdfunding, Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication, management of digital rights and personal identity, safeguarding, public documents, smart contracts, derivatives, loans, voting, healthcare, real estate, gaming, etc... and much more...

Join the Blockchain Revolution.

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Jeudi 24 Septembre 2015

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