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Mercredi 13 Janvier 2016

Virtual Blockchain Startup Programme Nexuslab is Now Accepting Submissions

Nexuslab, the virtual blockchain startup programme hosted by fintech platform Nexussquared in collaboration with Startupbootcamp, has started to accept submissions for its pilot round.

Taking a novel approach to fostering startups, Nexuslab offers a programme inspired by the blockchain paradigms of decentralisation, trust and efficiency. To extend the range and expertise of its mentor network, the programme works together with Startupbootcamp Fintech.

Starting in March 2016, Nexuslab will host the pilot round of its three-month programme, which will take place in a predominantly virtual setting based on a secure collaboration platform to facilitate tailored coaching sessions and offer on-demand training.

Three weekend hangout sessions in major European cities will provide founders of participating startups with the opportunity to meet face-to-face and learn directly from successful fintech companies. Throughout the programme, startups will be individually matched with senior level mentors from the financial and IT industry, such as blockchain specialist Guido Rudolphi, to receive practical advice on regulatory, technical and commercial aspects of their specific business. Nexuslab will collaborate with Startupbootcamp Fintech to provide participants access to selected experts and build on Startupbootcamp’s experience of helping and growing startups. During the final month of the programme, all teams will gather at the Nexuslab pop-up lab in Zurich for additional in-person mentoring and to prepare their ideas for a pitch day.

Visa and financial restrictions often prevent promising fintech startups from participating in traditional accelerator programmes, which require entire teams to work in a specific location for a prolonged period of time. Particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, highly skilled technology specialists struggle to match their ideas with in-depth financial industry expertise and adequate support to turn them into winning business models. Nexuslab was designed from scratch to overcome such hurdles and offers a programme that reflects the decentralised setup of many of today’s fintech ventures. The programme taps into Switzerland’s leading financial services expertise and makes the unique competitive advantages, which have led to a growing blockchain cluster in the Swiss canton of Zug, available to fintech talent in and out of Switzerland.

Nexuslab programme founder Daniel Grassinger said: “When planning our programme, we studied the needs of new fintech and especially blockchain ventures very closely. It soon became clear that many of them operate in virtual teams spread across different countries. Based on these findings, we designed Nexuslab, a startup support programme that aligns with the virtual nature of many new fintech ventures, allowing them to source talent based on skills rather than location.”

Blockchain and Bitcoin expert Guido Rudolphi, who will support Nexuslab with his technical expertise, said: „When I was asked if I wanted to get involved in Nexuslab I agreed in an instant. A virtual programme meets the requirements of today’s fintech startups, especially in the blockchain field. I mostly work in virtual teams myself, and I look forward to sharing my experience with highly motivated startups to help them bring their business ideas to life.“

Registration for the 2016 pilot cohort is now open

The first round of Nexuslab will start in March 2016. The application period has started and will run until 26 February 2016. Nexuslab will consider applications both from teams with convincing early-stage ideas and startups that have already acquired seed funding. At least one of the founders needs to be based in Europe. Nexuslab is open to fintech ventures with business models based on or related to blockchain technology. The programme features three tollgates at which a decision will be made whether a team will progress to the next stage. This built-in selection mechanism allows Nexuslab to start with a larger pool of teams and give entrepreneurs with early-stage ideas a chance to prove themselves.

More information about Nexuslab is available at:
Startups can apply at the following link:

About Nexussquared
Nexussquared is a Zurich-based fintech platform with a focus on blockchain technology and its application to financial services business models. With a view to supporting diverse and broad-based innovation, nexussquared partners not only with the banking sector, but with institutions operating across the entire Swiss financial services spectrum.
Building on Switzerland’s competitive strengths, nexussquared has a strong global outlook and is firmly committed to enhancing Zurich’s attractiveness for fintech startups based outside Switzerland. It provides a range of business coaching services and consulting, and engages with public sector agencies to provide regulatory guidance and facilitate dialogue between stakeholders.
Nexussquared’s mission is to be a catalyst for the comprehensive development of the Swiss fintech ecosystem by helping new ventures and established players build up successful fintech businesses out of Switzerland.

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