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UK | CFO Moves - week ending 15 May 2015

Tracking CFO Movement Across the United Kingdom.

Hornby Plc announced that it has appointed Steve Cooke as its new Finance Director. He will join Hornby on 10 June 2015. In his last role, he was Finance Director at LSL Property Services Plc. Prior to this, Steve was Finance Director at Bestinvest, CFO at Mapeley Plc and CFO at Energis. Following a handover period, the current Finance Director Nick Stone, will leave Hornby later in the summer.

William Sinclair Holdings PLC announced that Peter Williams, its Finance Director, has stepped down from the board of the Company. Sheryl Tye joins the Company as CFO, on an interim basis. Sheryl has been a CFO, and interim CFO, of a variety of companies including in manufacturing at International Greetings plc, and more recently as an interim at Impellam Group plc.

Saga plc announced that Stuart Howard, Group Chief Financial Officer of the Company, will retire at the forthcoming annual general meeting to be held on 23 June 2015. Jonathan Hill will assume responsibilities of the Group Chief Financial Officer with effect from the conclusion of the annual general meeting.

The Quarto Group, Inc. (LSE: QRT) announced the retirement of Mick Mousley, its long-standing Chief Financial Officer, after twenty-eight years with the company.

Venn Life Sciences Holdings Plc (AIM: VENN) announced the appointment of Jonathan Hartshorn as Chief Financial Officer with effect from 15th June 2015. In 2006, Jonathan became Financial Director of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Ireland. In 2008, he left Pfizer to co-found Cara Healthcare Limited, before becoming Head of Finance for the onshore division of Mainstream Renewable Power in 2011, from where he joins Venn.

Plethora Solutions Holdings plc (AIM: PLE) announced that Mike Collis, Chief Financial Officer, will leave the Board on 31 May 2015 to pursue other opportunities. Colin Kunz has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer to the Company but will not fulfil a Board position. In the past 7 years Colin has served as Finance Director to Rhead Group, Benson Group and Mediwatch plc.

UBM plc announced that Marina Wyatt will join UBM as Chief Financial Officer and an Executive Director on 2 September 2015. She joins from TomTom NV, where for ten years she has been Chief Financial Officer. Robert Gray will continue as Chief Financial Officer until this date. Bob Gray will remain with the Group as an Executive Director until the end of this year. Ms. Wyatt is a non-executive Director of Shanks Group PLC in the UK and a member of the Supervisory Board of Lucas Bols NV in The Netherlands.

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