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Vendredi 14 Juin 2013

To leverage the BYOD trend and protect the business, corporates need mobile device management software

By Fred Mitchell, Security Business Unit Manager at DCC.

Fred Mitchell
Fred Mitchell
The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, which sees individuals bring their own mobile devices into the workplace, is part of a new business paradigm. It allows business to be conducted remotely, from anywhere, at any time. It drives productivity and competitiveness. But BYOD also poses a significant challenge to organisations, f rom the large corporate to the Small Medium Enterprise (SME). As we enter the era of mobile computing, a composite security solution that addresses device management, application management, and threat protection has become vital.

More people own mobile devices and use them as personal productivity tools in their private and business lives. To refuse to allow employees to use these tools for work purposes would strategically disadvantage the business. However, if these devices are allowed to connect to the corporate network and access precious business data, the organisation is opening itself up to considerable security risks.

Besides basic protection from viruses or corruption of data, the organisation needs to be in a position to remove or ‘wipe’ corporate data from a device that is lost or stolen, and prevent access of company data by anyone no longer employed by the organisation. There are also privacy issues to consider. The owner of the device is unlikely to want the organisation to be able to access his or her private data or have any control over it. Finding a way to split access and control over personal and business data is thus important.

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