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New Generative Multimedia NFT Project by Thrush Holmes to Drop Nov. 30

In what may be a first in the non-fungible token space, contemporary painter Thrush Holmes will tomorrow drop his Generative series, a multimedia generative NFT collection that combines generative NFTs, a popular technique for making NFTs at scale, with physical elements created in-studio.

Holmes’ work populates the collections of many celebrities, businesspeople, and high-profile organizations. Each NFT in his Generative release, which consists of 10,000 NFTs available here, represents a single piece of digital art derived from physical elements that Holmes created in-studio, such as painted backgrounds, spray painted overlays, and his signature neon elements.

Most NFTs are merely digital avatars, not serious art, made by creators, not serious artists. In combining hand-made physical elements with digital techniques for both making and bringing to market the art, Holmes’ newest collection creates a new format that other artists in the the emerging NFT sector can follow and further blends physical and digital mediums.

Holmes' first NFT project, Genesis Cubes, sold out in less than 15 minutes last month priced at .2 to .3 ETH, or approximately between $900 and $1400.

His work is found in permanent collections worldwide, including those of Sir Elton John, Sony Music, Dreamworks, Detroit Art Collection, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, United Talent Agency, Halle Berry, Yusaki Maezawa, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Ontario, and Def Jam Records, among others.

Said Holmes:
“I’ve always gone against the grain with my work and with the presentation of it. NFTs aren’t yet fully accepted in the art world. It’s not what you’re supposed to do; it’s not the traditional course. It doesn’t help that most of what is released as ‘art’ in the NFT space is vapid. There’s no depth and it’s impossible to have any visceral response to any of it. I want to fix that and expand expectations of what all of this could be. I see it as being very flat right now but I am confident there is imminent change.”

He continued: “The institution that is the art world is apprehensive to embrace all of this, largely due to what the current offerings are. The context is bad. There’s a lot of bad work out there. There isn’t much scrutiny and the work is being made too quickly and without much consideration. High-performing artists and galleries will eventually take a risk and assert themselves in this space and claim this as a new way of presenting quality work. I’m taking a leap in an attempt to change the landscape. What excites me most is that it’s unpretentious. Anyone can make an NFT and they make art more accessible. But, it should still be good work.”

About the artist
Thrush Holmes is a Canadian painter who explores traditional artistic themes in an aggressive, unapologetically contemporary way, contrasting poetic tropes with a punk sensibility. Romantic and idealistic, his native forms (nudes, abstracts, still life florals) reference modernists like Picasso and Matisse. Holmes' newest works have begun to add nostalgia and introspection to an ongoing analysis of mythology, archetypes, and ego.


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