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Mercredi 16 Mai 2018


World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit (WBCSummit) is taking place on 19-20 May, 2018 in Moscow. 100 countries are expected to take part in the Summit. The countries will be represented by the government officials, ministers and parliament members. Particularly the prime-minister of Malta, the first blockchain president of Sierra-Leone and members of European parliaments will visit WBCSummit.

It is targeted that the handlers of the official blockchain associations, delegates of the largest blockchain platforms will take part in the Summit. More than 3000 participants, over 300 speakers, 100+ countries. 2 days, over 80 hours of contest.
For the first time the Summit was held in Moscow on 27 January, 2018. It gathered delegates of more than 30 European, North American, Middle Eastern African and Asian countries which are responsible for regional blockchain regulation. In 2 months over 30 countries have joined the Summit.

WBCSummit is organized by the largest International Decentralized Association on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain IDACB. 64 countries have joined it by April and it is expected that 100 countries will have become participants by May.

Its concept is to combine experience and expertise of crypto and blockchain specialists around the globe, particularly of official governmental representatives. Only in such a union it is possible to work out international standards of the sector and effective development of blockchain technologies around the world. Unification of the international legislation on digital economy also becomes realistic.
WBCSummit is the largest one: regional sessions of the Summit are held around the whole world: Dubai, Tashkent, Shanghai, Kishinev, Erevan, Malta and so on.
Negotiations are held with delegates of 9 countries who stand ready to support the WBCSummit mission at state level and to provide resources for holding a Summit session in their countries, such as Finland, Nigeria, Malaysia, Germany.
The main topic of WBCSummit in May: How the global economy will be changed by blockchain and cryptocurrency? What are the best solutions for each sphere of real, financial and digital sectors of economy?

The business programme consists of sectors which cover all the questions connected with cryptocurrency usage: learning, fintech, logistic, industry, medicine, Smart City, cryptocurrencies, cryptotrading, juridical regulation, ICO projects, telecom, government.

There is World ICO Show (presentations of projects dedicated to the key courses of the business Summit agenda and with total allocated sum of investments which is over $2mlrds) within the framework of the Summit.

German Klimenko is the head of Russian organizing committee.
WBCSummit and IDACB organizing committee invites journalists to accreditate themselves:

(1) The full membership of the organizing committee is on the website of the Summit (

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