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Lundi 14 Janvier 2019

ICO, STO: Premium Investors by Chaineum

Chaineum launches a new free service for ICO & STO investors: PREMIUM INVESTORS.

Premium Investors by Chaineum Capital Partners
Premium Investors by Chaineum Capital Partners
Chaineum, the leading independent advisory firm, focused in fundraising and funding for the blockchain & crypto companies, launches a new and innovate free service for the investors, PREMIUM INVESTORS.

You are an investor in token sales or fundraising in the blockchain space and you want to receive transparency and confidence about your investments?

Today Chaineum offers you this confidence & this transparency and to be in direct touch with the teams.

How? Simply in sending us your name to and we reach you immediatly (free and without obligations).

After your free inscription you'll receive by email:
- a premium access for all our private sales with a special bonus;
- white papers and documentations about our ICOs & STOs;
- a premium access for worldwide conferences;
- a free monthly letter from our founder Laurent Leloup;
- the possibility to reach directly our clients;
- etc...

Feel free to reach us today and will be sure you'll be our "Premium Investor" for the best ICOs, STOs and fundraisings.

Chaineum serves its clients AND its investors.

About Chaineum
Founded by Laurent Leloup, an expert in blockchain and corporate finance, Chaineum is positioned as the first "ICO & STO Boutique", providing advisory & strategy to companies and international start-ups wishing to develop with this new funding mechanism. Based in Besançon (headquarters) + Paris (offices).

Chaineum prepares its own STO (equity) transaction for Q1 2019.

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