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Demica achieves over $1bn in new mandates

Demica, the specialist provider of working capital solutions to major corporates and banks, announced today that has been mandated as Lead Adviser on over $1bn of new live transactions for clients across North America and Europe in the last two months.

The new mandates reflect the success of Demica’s decision in 2014 to transform itself from a technology service provider to an alternative finance platform providing trade receivable finance and supply chain financing.

The new clients, including a major Fortune 50 corporation, are all multinationals operating across a wide range of sectors including transport & logistics, retail and technology & telecommunications. As expected from a firm that specialises in multi-jurisdictional deals, each of these securitisations is providing working capital in up to six countries. Financing for each transaction is being provided by Tier 1 banks in the US, Europe and Asia.

Commenting on the new activity, Demica Chief Executive Officer Matt Wreford said, “The cost of funding on trade receivable securitisations has never been as attractive as it is now and offers clients the potential to refinance high yield debt to save over 350bps per year. In addition to Lead Adviser on these transactions, our technology platform is playing a number of different roles including advance rate optimisation, daily reporting and integrated warm back-up servicing. We have invested heavily in new people, technology and infrastructure in order to provide the systems and expertise that our multinational clients need to meet their working capital requirements.”

Since Demica was purchased by a private equity-led consortium including JRJ Group, TomsCapital and 76 West Holdings, it has brought in highly experienced staff across the business, particularly in securitisation and finance, starting with CEO Matt Demica in November 2014 and Head of Origination in Europe, Tim Davies, in May 2015.

About Demica
Demica is a recognised leader in providing working capital solutions to multinational corporate clients, uniquely providing both receivables and payables programmes. Purchased by a group of private equity investors in 2014, Demica has transformed from technology provider to financing partner and end-to-end solutions provider. Using its proprietary platform to allow clients to automate transactions while derisking them for investors, it currently enables the financing of over $50 bn of receivables per year for companies requiring facilities of $50m to $750m+. Based in London, Demica works with clients all over the world, across industries and sectors.

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Mardi 14 Juin 2016

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