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Crypto tokens TWEE and TweeBuck launch on

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Crypto tokens TWEE and TweeBuck launch on today (Thursday 18th February, 2021) at 14:00 (GMT).

The crypto tokens are the brainchild of industry disruptor Tweebaa and its Founder and CEO, Margaret Wang. Speaking of the listing Ms Wang said, “I am very, very excited to see TWEE and TweeBuck listed on TweeBuck has a far greater targeted user base than any defined crypto currently on the market. TweeBuck has a totally different business principle, which is an altruistic business philosophy, because of its connection to Tweebaa – a unique platform and ecosystem designed specifically to create wealth for the masses.”

Ms Wang described TweeBuck as, “the people’s currency; an efficient and fair token to be utilised by manufacturers, merchants, followers and partners in the ecosystem supported by the latest Blockchain technology, DeFi”.

DeFi, or Decentralised Finance, takes a page from Blockchain, the technology behind the digital currency Bitcoin, which enables several servers to keep a copy of a history of transactions, meaning it isn’t controlled by a single, central source. Adds Ms Wang, “Centralised systems and human gatekeepers have historically limited the speed and sophistication of transactions while offering users less direct control over their money. DeFi is separate from the rest because it broadens the use of Blockchain from a value transfer to more intricate financial use cases.”

This latest announcement comes at an incredibly exciting time for crypto which recently saw Elon Must invest $1.5 billion in Bitcoin as well as PayPal integrating Bitcoin into their payment system. Traditional banks are also being urged to accept Bitcoin. Adds Margaret, “With TWEE and TweeBuck Tweebaa is striving to build up the most valuable crypto in the world with the strongest population consensus. Tweebaa cryptos are not just for trading purpose but also boast the strongest utility usage that will ever be with huge contributions to the world’s progress and tremendous benefits to everybody in the world.

Many extremely well placed industry experts and global business leaders expect both TWEE and TweeBuck to be the brightest super star cryptos in the 2021 crypto world. Why do so many famed business leaders have such strong faith in Tweebaa’s crypto? Well, one very important reason is that Tweebaa is far more than just an idea. After years of hard work and investment Tweebaa is the pioneer in the Earning Commerce space. Tweebaa has built the world exclusive Social Value Tweebaa App where everybody can monetise their personal values in such a big way as to resolve a lot of social issues including minimising the gap between rich and poor and returning people’s happiness together with their purpose in life.”

TWEE and TweeBuck are already being openly praised as crypto’s Unicorn in 2021. TWEE is the first crypto on a Blockchain business application bringing the future to the current world. Continues Ms Wang, “TWEE contributes to our world exclusive ecosystem – Tweebaa – and investors will consider themselves lucky to hold it now and it will be increasingly precious to investors to hold even one in the near future. TweeBuck is the first crypto bringing DeFi to life and will meet all individual and business daily monetary needs making lending is as simple as making a purchase online. In order to realise the ultimate goal of Inclusive Finance all TweeBuck holders can enjoy the huge probabilities from the TweeBuck lending platform, earn substantial passive income just like the bankers, whilst supported by the most innovative public chain developed by Tweebaa. It awakens the sense of data ownership for all individuals making everybody a non-fungible token with data traceability. We know that data will be the most expensive asset for everybody in future. TweeBuck integrates the Internet of Things, AI, Cloud and all the best elements of cutting edge technology into the implementations on TweeBuck DeFi operations and will definitely bring about a better world ensuring everybody a more wealthy, healthy and happier life.”

TWEE and TweeBuck’s launch on is the first in a series of evolutionary product roll-outs over the coming next few months. TWEE and TweeBuck start trading today at TWEE $45.50 and TweeBuck $228. TWEE and TweeBuck also recommence trading today on both Virgox and Asproex.

Crypto is an unregulated asset and investors are urged to undertake their own due diligence before investing.

Margaret Wang, Founder and CEO of Tweebaa

TWEE and TweeBuck are crypto tokens launched by Tweebaa Inc.

Tweebaa ( is a platform where happiness, influence and innovation are all valued. It’s a world where every person has an opportunity to earn without making any investments whilst doing what they enjoy. Tweebaa’s platform integrates social networking, earning commerce, blockchain technology and share-economy to create an ecosystem that helps anyone establish their own brand, expand their existing network and monetise their assets so they can live a profitable lifestyle.
By enabling users to profit from their multidimensional value, Tweebaa challenges the way in which value creation is perceived. With Tweebaa you are able to convert your hobbies, interests and skills into digital products and set your own price tag for them. Combining social networking and earning commerce platforms, Tweebaa’s business model works on blockchain using their own exclusive currency giving everyone an opportunity to mine, earn and turn their everyday activities into, potentially, millions of dollars.
With Tweebaa you have the power to take back your value and invent a new life for yourself.

Vendredi 19 Février 2021

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