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Mardi 4 Mai 2021

Crypto and Fiat combined - currency hybridization?

Visa revealed in a statement today that “Visa's conventional settlement mechanism allows parties to settle in a conventional foreign currency, which may add risk and difficulty for companies built on digital currencies. The opportunity to settle in USDC could eventually aid crypto native companies in evaluating radically new market strategies without relying on conventional fiat in their treasury and settlement workflows. Visa's treasury improvements and alignment with Anchorage further improve Visa's capacity to support emerging central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) as they evolve in the future.

USDC and other secure coins like "Tether" use the same technology (the most widely used stable coin, created in 2014) This universal adoption and real convergence is a relatively new phenomenon. People have been able to make cross-border transfers faster and cheaper thanks to stable tokens, which lack the instability associated with other cryptocurrencies. This is because they are fixed to a fiat currency, which is almost always the US dollar. Tether has been used to transfer and receive money more than both Bitcoin and Ethereum combined.

Tether is expected to be backed by cash deposits or reserved funds, but there has been some skepticism about how much cash they have on hand. USDC has addressed these problems by maintaining full accountability and assuring consumers that they will be able to withdraw 1 USDC and collect $1 without difficulty. According to the study, a major accounting company has been tasked with checking the amount of cash kept in reserve and ensuring that it corresponds to the number of tokens in circulation. Lately, there are a lot of discussions about the usage of digital currencies, and a lot of platforms have found their purpose, now people are able to execute payments in Bitcoin, start trading crypto with Forex CFD, which enable traders to open positions in real-world assets without ever having to buy them or use it in the entertainment industry. Despite the fact that the amount of this stable coin is currently 80 times lower than that of Tether, which has been in use for over six years, it provides so many apparent benefits that the three-year-old USDC will undoubtedly rise at a rapid rate, particularly in light of these new innovations.

Another feature of safe coins that the specialists believe and other market analysts ignore is their effect on the US dollar. Not only does their expanded use reaffirm the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency, but their rise in the digital currency world actually supports the dollar rather than working against it, as cryptocurrencies do. They are taking into account the fact that the more reliable coins are used and circulated, the more dollars and treasury bonds are purchased in the case of USDC. Find the following situation with the US dollar index to demonstrate this argument. After a tumultuous four months in which the US dollar's value plummeted by 11 percent, the index has recovered. Remember that the USD saw a turnaround, a pivot from bearish to bullish, about a month ago. Remember that Visa declared precisely one month earlier than they would shortly be allowing the use of USD coin on their cards. Since then, the currency has had one golden cross between the 50- and 100-day moving averages, as well as a stellar 3% rise in volume, which contrasts sharply with the previous months.

This is a story of citizens who tried to participate in the many opportunities of Blockchain and public ledgers but couldn't since digital currencies aren't supported by something and are very unpredictable. These issues were solved several years back with the advent of stable coins. In essence, these coins function as a connection between fiat and cryptocurrency, guaranteeing validity and lowering uncertainty.

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