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Caliber Announces Jade Leung as Chief Financial Officer

Real Estate Investment Firm Brings in Seasoned Executive with Vast Financial and Operating Expertise to Ensure Investor Value Creation and Path to Public Offering

Caliber – The Wealth Development Company today announced Jade Leung as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), reporting to Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Chris Loeffler. A seasoned executive with diverse finance and operational experience within domestic and international growth companies, Mr. Leung, who previously served as Caliber’s Vice President of Finance, assumes his new role on Caliber’s leadership team and will be responsible for corporate financial planning, reporting, operational analysis and optimization, and treasury/risk management across Caliber’s five business units: Investment, Construction & Development, Property Management, Brokerage and Hospitality. The appointment follows Caliber’s corporate succession plan set in 2015 for Mr. Leung to assume responsibilities from Mr. Leland Harty, who remains tightly aligned with the Company by joining its Strategic Advisory Board.

Prior to joining Caliber, Mr. Leung served in several management roles during his fourteen-year tenure with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the international financial services firm, where he led audit and accounting advisory engagements for some of the firm’s top 50 global public and private companies. During that time, he managed domestic and foreign Initial and Secondary Public Offerings helping companies raise over $2 Billion in capital and debt.

According to Loeffler, “With Jade leading the financial strength, governance and transparency, we are well-positioned to bolster both our short and long term goals of greater efficiencies, profitability and growth, particularly as we continue down the strategic path and pursuit of a public offering.”

Since joining Caliber in 2015, Mr. Leung, a Certified Public Accountant, has led the execution and oversight of Caliber’s new financial reporting infrastructure, managed the lengthy external audit process and implemented best practices instrumental for achieving the company’s strategic growth plan.

About Caliber - The Wealth Development Company
Caliber leads the market in providing individual accredited investors and registered investment advisors with well-structured alternatives to traditional investments. The Company builds wealth by forming and managing real estate private equity investments, either through individual assets or multi-asset funds. The Company offers an approachable, full-service investment experience with more than 600 team members working to care for over $250 million (assets under management) in commercial, residential, multi-family, self-storage and hospitality real estate in AZ, NV and AK. Comprised of 5 business units including Investment, Construction & Development, Property Management, Brokerage and Hospitality, Caliber’s vertical integration of support services delivers a unique and efficient 360º approach to investing in real estate. The Company is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ with business operations focused throughout the greater Southwest region.

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Jeudi 15 Juin 2017

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