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Alprockz AG, partners with Futurae Technologies to secure ROCKZ Platform with customer-centric authentication

Alprockz creator of ROCKZ, a stable coin backed by the Swiss Francs, further strengthens the security of its ROCKZ platform by choosing Futurae Technologies as a strong authentication partner.

Futurae Technologies, a leader in user-centric, secure Authentication as a Service (AaaS), has been selected by Alprockz AG to provide a seamless and secure log in experience for ROCKZ platform users.

ROCKZ is a new cryptocurrency bringing security and transparency to a highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, ROCKZ is fully backed by one of the strongest and most sustainable fiat currency in the world; the Swiss Franc. ROCKZ is the first and only legally enforceable cryptocurrency in the world, providing its holders with full ownership over the collateralized assets.

By integrating Futurae’s authentication suite to the ROCKZ platform, Alprockz has further shown its commitment to providing the most secure and stable cryptocurrency available on the market.
Futurae, a Zurich-based ETH Zurich spin-off, offers a comprehensive, and innovative multi-factor authentication (MFA) suite. Its core product is “Zero-Touch”, a two-factor authentication solution that works without user interaction. The technology uses a machine learning algorithm to securely authenticate the user in a completely frictionless manner.

“Alprockz, with ROCKZ, brings new and unique benefits to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are proud to secure access to an international leader in stable coins, in setting a strong security practice to best protect their users' assets” says Nikos Karapanos, CTO of Futurae.

“We are proud to work with a Swiss solution developed by Futurae, which enables a reliable, intuitive and convenient client journey and moves our platform to the next security level” says Yassine Ben Hamida, CEO of Alprockz AG.

About Alprockz:
Alprockz AG is a Swiss company incorporated in Zug and owned by Swiss-based investors. Alprockz is the company behind ROCKZ (RKZ), the first legally enforceable stablecoin backed 1:1 by the Swiss Franc. ROCKZ (RKZ) is a new generation of cryptocurrency, offering security, solidity and ownership to its holders. Unlike other cryptocurrencies ROCKZ (RKZ) is backed by the world’s strongest fiat currency, the Swiss Franc, in a 100% transparent and legally enforceable manner. Alprockz’s mission is to be on of the catalyst in the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Alprockz is building a bridge in between the traditional banking & finance world and the cryptos world.

About Futurae:
Futurae Technologies AG was founded by ETH Zurich security researchers (spin-off) and offers a strong portfolio of multi-factor authentication tools that provide a high degree of security and protection of user privacy without compromising on customer experience. The suite offers a full range of authentication methods that grants companies complete flexibility (e.g. “One-Touch” solutions, single device, IoT authentication or sound-based; the innovative autonomous “Zero-Touch” product). In addition, Futurae human-centric technologies also enable swift and uncomplicated integration into a company’s existing infrastructure and reducing overall operating costs for customers.

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