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Jeudi 18 Octobre 2012

Accountancy and Finance careers on hold until UK economy recovers

Please find below the latest research release from Change Recruitment which found that: 20% of accountancy and finance professionals feel their career has stood still or gone backwards over the past 2 years, 27% felt their career hadn’t progressed as fast as they had hoped, 70% believe they would have progressed further if the UK had not been in recession.

Accountancy and Finance careers on hold until UK economy recovers
A fifth of Accountancy and Finance professionals (20%) in the UK feel that their career has either stood still or gone backwards over the past two years, according to research released today by accountancy and finance recruitment specialists, Change Recruitment Group.
A further quarter (27%) said their career had progressed but not as quickly as they would have liked and just over a quarter (27%) felt their career was on track.
Two thirds (70%) of respondents think their career would have progressed further had the UK not seen a recession.
Frustrations are starting to show as two thirds (70%) confess to job hunting, with almost half (44%) of those looking for a move, doing so in order to take a step up.

Tariq Chishti, divisional manager at Change Recruitment said: “The changing economic landscape over the past few years has resulted in a challenging working environment across many sectors, and employees are equally aware that some companies are pushing back on promotions into more senior roles.
“However in order to create an environment where staff feel they are valued and appreciated for the work they do – even if promotions are not on the immediate horizon – it is essential to retain staff in order to foster a positive workplace.
“Continuing to develop staff and regularly reviewing performance and preparing them will enable both employees and employers to ensure they are prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead when the economic situation improves."

About the research
*Research was conducted in September 2012, with 800 responses across the UK, from Change Recruitment’s candidate database.

About Change Recruitment
Change Recruitment Group employs around 100 members of staff across its Glasgow and Edinburgh offices.
Last year Change placed more than 1,900 candidates.
Change is Scotland’s leading independent recruitment consultancy and is on the Preferred Supplier list of more than 90, mostly blue chip, companies including BlackRock.
Change is a specialist provider within Accountancy & Finance, Financial Services/IT, Human Resource, Learning & Development, Legal, Secretarial/ Administration.
Change International is a specialist provider within Accountancy & Finance, Financial Services & Investments, Human Resource, Legal, Oil & Gas.


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