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Vendredi 4 Octobre 2013

World Payments Report 2013

Innovative offerings in the payment acquisition space are flourishing.

World Payments Report 2013
The World Payments Report 2013 from Capgemini and RBS explores the impact of these on the payments value chain, with examples including innovative B2B business models in democratizing connectivity, pursuing additional security, invoice handling’ enabled engagement models as well as alternative C2B models like currency for closed loop usage, mPOS and e-wallets. These and other models are driving strong growth in m- and e-payments and prepaid cards, helping spur the landscape towards digital payments. Many regulatory initiatives are also being seen in this area, but the impact is not necessarily the same for all types of Payments Service Providers and across all regions. What effect will this have on the market?

The ninth annual World Payments Report features:
- Global and regional non-cash payment trends including updates on the Middle East and Africa
- The latest updates on regulatory and industry initiatives including SEPA
- A deeper look at innovation within payments acquisition, an area ripe with differentiation opportunities.

This year’s World Payments Report offers insights on the payments markets in the following geographical areas:
- Central Europe, Middle-East, Africa (CEMEA) includes Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, and Ukraine, and other Central European and Middle Eastern markets.
- Emerging Asia: China, Hong Kong, India, and other Asian markets.
- Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the U.K.
- Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, and other Latin American markets.
- Mature Asia-Pacific: Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.
- North America: Canada and the U.S.

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