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Will These Emerging Trends Influence Your Business?

This past week I spent Wednesday with a group of global consultants in New York City discussing emerging trends in the global marketplace and more specifically their impact on our clients. Some of the predictions that came from the group were quite intriguing, bringing clarity to the areas of opportunity that CEOs should be considering in the next 24 to 48 months.

Shawn Casemore
Shawn Casemore
Here are a few of the emerging trends influencing organizations in the short-term:

1. Shifting demographics will continue to challenge CEOs in their ability to attract and retain top talent where archaic business models (specifically those that rely heavily on a top down approach to management) still exist.

2. The increasing reliance on technology to support internal decision-making will become less relevant as millennials seek to work in team based environments that share and collaborate, rather than be strained by rigid metrics and targets that are unattainable.

3. The perceived “need for new talent” will be less significant then expected on account of many in the baby boomer generation opting out of retirement and in turn deciding to take on new roles and new careers.

4. The race to introduce and integrate technology to support online growth will reach maturity, making it clear as to which industries will be best served by technology versus those that aren’t and are unlikely to ever be. It’s unlikely for example that you will purchase highly sensitive legal services or psychiatric services online, just as it is that critical custom equipment will be purchased over the internet.

If you’d like an exhaustive list of the full ten emerging trends, please send me an email to and I’d be happy to send it too you.

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