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Trade Ideas Review: A Reliable Robo-advisor?

Both new and experienced investors alike can benefit from real-time stock data, which can be utilized to make timely trades throughout the day.

Fortunately, real-time data isn’t the only thing we’ll be covering in this Trade Ideas review: the platform offers a plethora of other features to its subscribers! From stock scanners to trading alerts and AI-powered advice, Trade Ideas is definitely a platform worth looking into. If you’ve never heard of this platform before, then you’re in for a treat: let’s take a closer look at Trade Ideas

A Bit of Background Information

Founded in 2003, Trade Ideas LLC was born from the ashes of a failing venture capital endeavor. After analyzing this experience and its consequent failures, Trade Ideas was formed as a new company (designed with active and experienced traders in mind.) Nowadays, the company is well-known for “Holly,” their proprietary AI robo-advisor, which has historically outperformed the SPY index.

Educational Materials

We felt that this was an important point to cover in this Trade Ideas review, as not every investor who signs up for the platform will be an experienced investor. Fortunately, Trade Ideas has made sure that investors of all levels will be able to enjoy their platform, even if they still have a lot to learn. “Trade Ideas University” is a digital collection of educational videos that cover the ins and outs of trading using real-world examples. It has videos for viewers of every level, which means more experienced investors will still be able to learn a thing or two! If desired, users can also sign up for one-on-one training sessions.

The “Standard” Plan

This paid subscription grants instant access to the stock scanner, virtual trading assistance, TI University, and up to ten active charts, complete with ten alerts to match. Although Trade Ideas doesn’t offer as in-depth charting features as alternative platforms like TradingView or TrendSpider, the supplied data should be more than sufficient for most investors. Still, the stock scanner is the primary function of Trade Ideas. This scanner can use pre-built or custom parameters to actively scan the market for potential trade options. “Standard” members also have access to the TI Chat room, as this feature is even available to non-paying members.

The “Premium” Plan

Subscribing to this plan unlocks the full potential of the Trade Ideas platform. Investors enjoy up to 20 charts and alerts via the Stock Scanner, rather than being limited to ten (as with the Standard plan). Upgrading also unlocks “The Oddsmaker”, a tool used to backtest potential investment strategies. “Premium” subscribers can even connect to their preferred brokerage, and then automate their trading strategies!

However, the biggest advantage of “Premium” over “Standard” is the addition of AI. Trade Idea’s robo-advisor “Holly” uses data to suggest stocks, analyze trades, and implement proven trading strategies. Depending on your individual risk tolerance, you can choose from “Conservative,” Moderate“,” or “Aggressive” modes. You can even adjust Holly’s specific parameters to fit your investing style.

Additional Services

While the features mentioned above are sure to make your trading days a whole lot easier, they’re not the only services that Trade Ideas has to offer! TI releases the Swing Picks Newsletter every week, which contains five stock recommendations every Monday. For only $17 a month, you’ll receive data-driven recommendations; more specifically, data-driven recommendations that have outperformed the SPY index by over 200% since 2018!


As one might expect, access to premium services like those offered by Trade Ideas isn’t exactly cheap. Both the “Standard” and “Premium” subscriptions have monthly and annual billing options available, although opting for annual billing offers significant savings. The “Standard” plan costs $118 per month if you go with monthly billing. This price is reduced to around $84 per month—or $999 per year—if you select annual billing instead.

A monthly subscription on the “Premium” plan will cost you $228 every month. Annual billing will cost you $1,999 upfront, but this averages out to a much lower monthly rate ($166.59 per month).

Our Trade Ideas Review Conclusion

There are many alternative platforms offering similar services like stock suggestions, charting,
Trade Ideas review, and scanners. The main drawback of Trade Ideas is that its services aren’t available on mobile devices, meaning you’ll need a dedicated desktop—or laptop—to conduct trades. While annoying, we wouldn’t consider this a major issue, as you wouldn’t be able to easily sift through all the relevant trading data effectively on such a small screen anyway.

Although the “Standard’ plan offers a fair amount, we still prefer the “Premium” plan instead. Pricing is quite expensive on a month-to-month basis, but the annual billing option provides a much better value for your money. With access to a proven robo-advisor, stock scanners, educational materials, and more, we believe that you’ll easily be able to earn back your expenses within the first year (depending on the amount of capital you invest initially).

If you’re ready to start incorporating AI and time-proven trading strategies into your daily routine, click here to sign up and start seeing profits using Trade Ideas!

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