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Taking Blockchain Networking to New Heights with Satoshi United

On 22-23 October, for the first time, the city of Dubai will host a large ‘Un-conference’ dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Taking Blockchain Networking to New Heights with Satoshi United
The event is an Initiative from Satoshi United, which is a unique organizer for Blockchain conferences around the World. They have already conducted a successful event in Singapore which featured the most prominent thinkers of the Blockchain World in a setting that was quite unlike other conferences around the world. A spectacular display of blockchain intelligence with from influential speakers along with networking events that feature the most happening activities in the city are the main focus of Satoshi Conferences.

The main agenda behind the un-conference is to create informal & more platforms for industry experts, top influencers, sponsors, Investors & Fintech Experts.

Dubai is possessing the front line of the blockchain acknowledgement with the senior administration supporting blockchain business people of the world in their endeavours. Satoshi United strikes at the core of this open door by giving a phase to pioneers and speculators a typical stage that will shape the base for up and coming blockchain development recovering the money related and the administrative help that is truly necessary for the advancement of the business.

The featured action at Satoshi United Dubai version will incorporate serious board exchanges and useful keynote addresses that will give bits of knowledge on the most recent improvement and future bearing for the business. In actuality, the meeting will help new age blockchain trend-setters to acclimate themselves with experienced campaigners to profit by their insight and associations.

An excellent networking opportunity that promises to be a new beginning for the blockchain community, Satoshi United is playing a pivotal roll in bringing the Global blockchain community to a common destination. The interested individuals & organizations can visit the Satoshi United website to reserve slots as attendees & sponsors.

Finyear is a media partner of this un-conference.

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