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Soom Foundation host, 2018 World Blockchain Technology Forum in Beijing starting from June 22nd

2018 World Blockchain Technology Forum is co-hosted by Soom Foundation and China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises.

It is held at the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention Exhibition Center from June 22rd to 24th, 2018 under 2018 World Convention of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Technology experts, lawyers and economists all across the world are expected to be present to discuss the future direction of blockchain technology.

Soom Foundation, a non-profit organization which purpose is to put cutting edge technology to work for the greatest number, is co-hosting the ‘2018 World Blockchain Technology Forum’ with the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Beijing from June 23rd to 24th, 2018.
Press Release
The ‘2018 World Blockchain Technology Forum’ is a two days forum organized within the ‘2018 World Convention of Small and Medium Enterprises’. Held at the prestigious Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, a high place of International gatherings such G20 Summit or APEC Meeting, the Forum reflects the raising interest for blockchain technology all over the globe.

The Forum will be the occasion of various discussions about the future of blockchain’s applications with experts, lawyers, and business leaders. In particular, it will be a rare opportunity for leaders of all industries to converge and form an alliance aiming at fostering technological collaboration and promoting innovation among small and medium enterprises.

Chairman of China Small and Medium Business Association Wang Min Wang, former Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema, Minister of Industry and Commerce of Liberia Wilson K. Tarpeh, Chairman of China Small and Medium Business Association Wang Min Wang, and Yutaka Kitamura, Chairman of Japan Small and Medium Business Association will give congratulatory speeches. In addition, Professor Kwon Dae-jung of Kyunghee University, President of Korean Blockchain Industry Association and KBIPA (Korea Blockchain Industry) will provide information sessions on Regulations, Implications and Case studies of Blockchain. Following, Bill Fuggle, partner at Baker & Mckenzie Australia, and Park Jong-Bae from Pacific Law Firm will give short lectures on legal aspects of the blockchain industry. Lastly, CEOs of Nexttech, Tokenize and NAM will briefly elaborate on blockchain applications in high-tech, coin exchange and medical industry respectively.

To state Mr. Ki-Eob Park, President of Soom Foundation “there will be in-depth discussion of core blockchain technologies among business leaders and policy makers. I am expecting this forum to be a great opportunity for introducing blockchain’s breakthroughs and let participants explore possibilities of convergence between blockchain technology and a large variety of industries.”

Lastly, ‘2018 World Blockchain Technology Forum’ attendees will have the chance to participate to the creation of the International Blockchain Technology Association (IBTA), incorporated in Washington D.C.
IBTA will be a non-profit organization for professionals, academic, institutions and business of all sizes and industries to facilitate cooperation, promote convergence of ideas and contribute to the growth of global economy through blockchain technology.

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Jeudi 21 Juin 2018