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Shift your perspective by Thinking Big

I interact with and meet dozens of business owners and investors each and every month. Interestingly I’ve found that there is one significant attribute that separates successful business owners from those who merely own their business. The difference is in their differing perspectives.

Shawn Casemore
Shawn Casemore
The most successful business owners I know think big.

I’ve been intrigued by their approach, and after interviewing dozens of individuals whom I would consider to be uber successful business owners, I have compiled a list of attributes that distinguish their mindset from everyone else:

They perceive challenges are opportunities to learn and grow.
Mistakes only move them closer to finding the best possible solutions.
Obstacles present only a minor delay in achieving their objectives.
A feeling of satisfaction with the current “state” of their business demonstrates complacency; this triggers them to aggressively seek new opportunities.
The ability to build rapport and communicate effectively with others is the key to a successful and satisfying business and personal life.
Family comes first, above all else.
We can only effectively manage 1 priority at a time, therefore they pursue only a few significant priorities at an aggressive pace.
A satisfying life requires a blend of business challenge and personal satisfaction.

Consider how you measure up against each of these attributes. Do you have the mindset to be uber successful? If not, how can you shift your perspectives?

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Jeudi 10 Avril 2014