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Shawn’s Monday Morning Maxim

As you prepare to launch into 2014 it’s important to spend some time wiping your “to-do” list clean. To be successful in achieving objectives you must be able to focus with laser like intensity on those objectives. Unfinished projects, ideas or initiatives only serve as a distraction, hindering our ability to focus and fully invest ourselves.

Shawn Casemore
Shawn Casemore
In order to ensure 2014 is as successful as you intend, it’s important to clean up anything left undone in 2013.

To do so follow these steps:

1. Identify any projects, initiatives or issues that you were unable to accomplish in 2013?

2. Decide which of these are still critically important to achieving or supporting your objectives in 2014? (Hint: Not all of these are critically important).

3. For those activities, projects or ideas that you have identified that remain critically important, apply the 3-D philosophy:

Discard it (throw it away, physically and mentally)

Delegate it (give it to someone else to do)

Do it (get it done immediately – note if it is a larger project or idea, force yourself to chunk it down and reconsider the 2 “D’s” above).

4. Take action immediately based on the outcome of point #3 above.

By taking some of your “downtime” in the coming week to complete the steps above, you enter 2014 with a clear mind and renewed energy to devote to accomplishing your new objectives.

Make 2014 your year. Clear your mind and focus like you’ve never done before.

Shawn Casemore, President, Casemore and Co.

Mercredi 22 Janvier 2014