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PrimeRevenue, Leader in Supply Chain Finance, to Present at the Capital and Cash Summit Organized by the Dutch CFO Community

PrimeRevenue Plays an Integral Role in Supporting the Betall Me Nu Supply Chain Finance Initiative in the Netherlands.

PrimeRevenue Inc., the global leader in financial supply chains, is hosting a round table titled “Supply Chain Finance Decoded: Understanding why the Dutch government is backing the solution that’s taking corporations by storm” at the 2015 Corporate Finance Summit organized by the Dutch CFO Community in Bussum, the Netherlands, on March 18th.

This year’s event will cover many of the latest developments in the field of corporate finance and treasury including improving working capital and cash flow and alternative financing sources. PrimeRevenue’s round table will focus on the Betaal Me Nu (Pay Me Now) government initiative and examine why supply chain finance is the silver bullet to simultaneously improve working capital and relationships between corporate buyers and their suppliers.

This unique session will include a case study on successful implementation from KPN, one of the largest Telecommunications companies in Europe. It will feature well known industry experts such as Dr. Michiel Steeman, lector for Supply Chain Finance at the Windesheim University and founder, chairman of the Supply Chain Finance Community, Pim van Bokhoven, Corporate Controller KPN, Hank Janssen, Senior Business Development Officer KPN and Nathan Feather, CFO and General Manager EMEA PrimeRevenue Inc.

“The Dutch government has launched Betaal Me Nu (Pay Me Now), a strategic supplier finance initiative to support local suppliers with the opportunity to get paid early. This initiative encourages innovation and implementation of supplier finance programs in the Netherlands. Several large corporations such as KPN and Superunie have already implemented supply chain finance as a way to develop their working capital and support their suppliers. From an economic perspective, supply chain finance is a very powerful resolution for governments all over the world, helping to bolster their economies and support their regional companies with added liquidity,” said Nathan Feather.

About PrimeRevenue, Inc.
For organizations that view their supply chains as a strategic asset and are seeking to increase supply chain efficiency, PrimeRevenue has the answer. PrimeRevenue provides financing to more than 17,000 clients through its OpenSCi suite which offers the control and flexibility for organizations to optimize their working capital, improve margin as well as reduce costs and risks throughout the financial supply chain. Headquartered in Atlanta, PrimeRevenue also has offices in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Monterrey, Paris, Prague and Cape Town. PrimeRevenue operates some of the largest supplier financing programs for clients around the globe.

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Mercredi 18 Mars 2015