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NFT.NYC: The Leading Non-Fungible Token Event

February 20, Times Square NYC

It has now been just over two years since the release of the first Non-Fungible Token standard - A way of registering unique, digital assets on the blockchain.
The first major NFT event in North America , NFT.NYC 2019, saw almost 500 attendees and over 80 speakers meet in New York City's iconic Times Square to discuss the emerging NFT Ecosystem.

One year later, NFT.NYC 2020 will return to Times Square’s Edison Ballroom, bringing together enterprise and consumer brands, blockchain developers, gamers, artists, investors and fans to showcase real world use cases where Non-Fungible Tokens are impacting consumer experiences of ownership and identity with digital assets.

Following a high volume of quality applications, Speaker submissions for the February 20 event are scheduled to close early , at 5pm ET Friday January 24.

A sample of the Topics include:
● NFT Use Cases in the Enterprise
● NFTs for Good
● Consumer Marketing with NFTs
● NFT Ticketing and Events
● NFT Domain Names and ENS
● Gaming interoperability with NFTs
● NFTs that give Sports Fans digital ownership
● NFT Regulation
● NFTs and Art
● Using NFTs to rebuild Trust
● The role of Digital Wallets and Exchanges for NFTs
Over 80 speakers have been approved so far from 170+ applications.

Speakers from Venrock Capital, OpenSea, the Ethereum Name Service and ConsenSys include:
● Alex Atallah - OpenSea
● Alex Mashinsky - Celsius
● Andreas Petersson - Capacity
● Andrew Horn - PeopleBrowsr
● Arnold Waldstein - Advisor
● Austin Griffith - Concurrence
● Ayesha Kiani - LedgerPrime
● Billy Rennekamp - Tendermint
● Biser Dimitrov - Tata Consultancy Services
● Bobby Singh - Luxury Ledger
● Brad Kam - Unstoppable Domains
● Bradley Feinstein - ConsenSys
● Brantly Millegan - Ethereum Name Service
● Brian Christensen - BlockCities
● Canaan Linder - Stardust Cards
● Caty Tedman - Dapper Labs
● Chris Nunes - Heavy
● Christopher Lee - Fabrx
● Claudio Parrinello - Unico
● Craig Russo - SludgeFeed
● Daniel Uribe -
● David Moore - KnownOrigin
● David Russek - Entre.One
● David Pakman - Venrock
● Denham Preen - WildCards
● Devin Finzer - OpenSea
● Duncan Cock Foster - Nifty Gateway
● Eli Ben-Sasson - Starkware
● Gauthier Zuppinger -
● Gordon Meyer - EngineBloc
● Gunjan Mehta - Wyre
● Helmut Siedl - DMD Diamond
● Ian Utile - ATTN.LIVE
● Jamiel Sheikh - Chainhaus
● Jason Jones - Centrifuge
● Jeffrey Zirlin - Axie Infinity
● Jeremy McLaughlin - K&L Gates
● Jodee Rich - Kred
● Johan Unger - Marble Cards
● John Hargrave - Media Shower
● Jon Jordan - DappRadar
● Jonas Hudson - Greenfence
● Jonathan Perkins - SuperRare
● Jonathan Zerah - Status
● Josephine Bellini - Artist
● Julien Genestoux - Unlock
● Karthik Iyer - P2P-Foundation
● Marguerite deCourcelle - Blockade Games
● Michael Arnold - My Crypto Heroes
● Michael Casey - Coindesk
● Michael Onghai - Snowy August
● Michael Sena - 3box
● Misha Libman - Snark.Art
● Nate Geier - Mintbase
● Nichanan Kesonpat - Last of Ours
● Nithin Eapen - Chance River
● Nolan Bauerle - Author
● Or Perelman - ChromaWay
● Patrick Baron - Blockchain Consulting Group
● Paul DiMarzio - EEA
● Peg Samuel - Innovative Tech Consultant and Advisor
● Pei Chen - ConsenSys
● Perianne Boring - Chamber of Digital Commerce
● Peter Bordes - Coindesk
● Peter Kieltyka - Horizon Games
● Preston Attebery - Blockcities
● Quentin Herbrecht - MarkChain
● Reed Korach - Blocktrak
● Rene Schmidt - Chainbreakers
● Richard Dulude - Underscore
● Ryan Berkun - Fabrx
● Ryoma Ito - MakersPlace
● Sang Chung - PlayDapp
● Sebastien Borget - Pixowl
● Sid Kalla - Roll
● Stephen Wink - Latham & Watkins
● Steve McGarry - GrowYourBase
● Topper Bowers - Quorum Control
● Vadim Koleoshkin - Tokenary
● Vandana Taxali - EntCounsel
● Vanessa Grellet - ConsenSys
● Viktor Radchenko - Binance
● Vincent Niu - Binance
● Zach Burks - Mintable

Register or apply to speak now at NFT.NYC

Cameron Bale
+1 438 883 4389


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Lundi 20 Janvier 2020

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