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Vendredi 13 Septembre 2019

Keychain Accelerates Enterprise Blockchain Adoption With Bitcoin Data Security and Identity Layer

Keychain lowers hurdle for enterprise blockchain adoption two years earlier than market predicted by releasing Bitcoin-based data-security and identity framework.

After successful integration and iteration with Japanese partners, Keychain released its award-winning data security and identity infrastructure, Keychain Core, to its partners globally. Keychain Core is a blockchain-agnostic application development framework that allows clients to quickly and cost effectively develop modern blockchain applications where data security and integrity are key requirements.

Keychain Core enables partners to secure any data on any device anywhere in the world in a self-sovereign way, without having to entrust security to unaccountable third parties such as network and cloud providers or certificate authorities. Target applications include energy, finance, medical/pharmaceutical, automotive, regulatory compliance, insurance, supply chain management, and gaming.

"Keychain gives our partners access to tooling that is fit-for-purpose in critical applications, two years ahead of what a recent blockchain report by Allied Business Intelligence suggested would be available on the market only in 2021." - Jonathan Hope, Keychain CEO.

With the Keychain Core SDK, Keychain partners embed new technical capabilities directly into their applications:
- Self-sovereign identity
- End-to-end encryption, decryption, signing, and verifying data
- Key rollover (break-glass recovery) while maintaining identity continuity with counter parties
- Historical digital signature attribution
- Application-level workflow consensus with multi-signature support

Keychain directly addresses seven key hurdles to enterprise adoption:
- Cost - Reduces project time, risks, and costs by presenting a clean, easy-to-use API for the common developer.
- Transition - Integrates with instead of replaces existing systems.
- Scale - Scales as data exists off chain.
- Data privacy - Uniquely provides data confidentiality for data both in flight and at rest regardless of the network or cloud service.
- Interoperability - Supports Bitcoin and variants, uses established standards, and supports migration between blockchain networks.
- Security - Conforms with international standards including ISO 88033, NIST, BSI, ECRYPT, and CRYPTOREC.
- Integration - Natively supports platforms Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, languages Java, C#.NET, python, and C++, and device types (including small IoT and smart watch). Works well with common middleware, network protocols, and cloud services, allowing partners complete freedom and control over their data and architecture.

Keychain's Core product received a Global Fintech Award from the Association of Banks in Singapore in 2018 and an award from Japan's Ministry of Economy Trade, and Industry in 2017.

SOURCE Keychain


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Fondée en 2015, Chaineum est un cabinet de conseil en opérations de haut de bilan offrant une expertise de premier plan en matière d’ICO et STO, avec une vision stratégique orientée tant vers le métier de ses clients que sur la technologie blockchain. A ce titre, Chaineum a participé à la mise en œuvre de bonnes pratiques dans le secteur (ICO Charter, Security Token Network).
La division services blockchain de Chaineum, développe la technologie Chaineum Segment, une blockchain privée orientée objets.

About Chaineum:
Founded in 2015, Chaineum is a leading corporate finance advisory firm with a strong expertise in ICO and STO, and a strategic focus on both its clients' business and blockchain technology. As such, Chaineum paved the way in the implementation of certain best practices in this sector (ICO Charter, Security Token Network).
Chaineum's blockchain services division, is developing Chaineum Segment technology, an object-oriented private blockchain.


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