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Investor interest turns to Queensland

Australia has announced a new mining initiative, and Queensland, with its abundant mineral resources and world-class assets, can expect to be the centre of investor interest making Brisbane the ideal location for the upcoming Energy Mines and Money event set to showcase mineral, coal, oil and gas projects and match them with global investment.

In a National Resources Statement published in February 2019, the Australian government set out its policy and long-term reform agenda for the country's resources sector. The statement included a five-point action plan for Australia to become the most globally-attractive resource-investment destination; open-up new resource regions; improve the sector's focus on development; retain the world's best workforce and deliver better community outcomes.

This strategic long-term approach aims to position Australia's resources sector as the world's most advanced, innovative and successful. In the statement, the government said it believes there is a bright future for the country's resources sector due, in particular, to Australia's proximity to the burgeoning Asian economies and their huge appetite for metals and minerals.

With its vast mineral endowment and proven history of innovative exploration and mining practices, Queensland is well placed to benefit from this Federal initiative. The State government supports exploration to deliver a strong and internationally-competitive resources sector. In the past two years, for example, exploration permits have been granted for over 80,000 km2 of land, and 127 mining permits have been approved.

The State's mining and energy industry contributes over 7% of gross state product, and more than half of Queensland's exports, with direct and indirect employment of over 180,000 people. Coal is the most important sector, and the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy estimates that Queensland contains 63 Bt of coal resources (over half in the Bowen Basin), with metallurgical coal (coking and PCI) making up 25 Bt of this total.

In 2016-17, Queensland produced 241 Mt of coal (worth A$37.3 billion), almost 201,000 t of copper cathode and 123,000 t copper concentrate (worth a combined A$1.9 billion), 30 Mt bauxite (A$1.2 billion) and 17,400 kg of gold dore (worth A$436 million), plus numerous other metals and minerals, including significant amounts of silver, lead, zinc and titanium.

Queensland companies, Multicom Resources, Armour Energy, Australian Mines and High Titanium Resources are just some of the companies who will showcase their projects and latest developments to investors at the upcoming Energy Mines and Money event.
With the support of the Queensland Government and Trade Investment Queensland, investors from around the world are invited to Brisbane from 12-13 June for Energy Mines and Money where they will be able to compare and assess coal, oil, gas and renewable energy, alongside precious, base, bulk and battery metals projects throughout a two-day conference and exhibition.
In addition to its pro-business government, Queensland has modern rail, port and transport infrastructure, a highly skilled and productive workforce, a strong and resilient economy, and a pleasant, subtropical, climate. Clearly an attractive target for mining investors, not least those with an eye on Asia.

Energy Mines and Money showcases strategic mineral, coal, oil and gas opportunities, and matches projects with global investment throughout a two-day conference and exhibition taking place in Brisbane from 12-13 June 2019.

With the support of the Queensland Government and Trade Investment Queensland, the 2nd annual Energy Mines and Money will bring together over 700 mining leaders, energy executives, investors, commodity buyers, traders and brokers for two days of learning, deal making and unparalleled networking.

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Mines and Money
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