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Information Security: One More CFO Responsibility

I was in an airport recently and couldn’t help overhearing a conversation. The people speaking had no clue who I was, but it was easy to figure out that they worked in Finance for a known publicly listed company.

Information Security: One More CFO Responsibility
The information they were sharing with each other was certainly sensitive, and maybe even damaging to the company.

All I could think of is: What would their CFO do if he knew his employees were sharing information that could damage the company?

Chief Financial Officers have many responsibilities. In addition to all the Finance functions, they have to have a strong working knowledge of the issues surrounding operations, human resources, and IT.

CFOs are also responsible for ensuring that the sensitive information Finance deals with on an ongoing basis is secure. This information security is not only an IT issue, but a human issue as well.

Do you have Information Security policies for your Finance Team?
What do you do to ensure your Finance Team complies with these policies?

Information Security: One More CFO Responsibility
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Jeudi 18 Octobre 2012