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How to implement Forex White Label solutions?

WL trading platforms are the best solutions for a newcomer broker. What is the process of getting WL solutions? Apply to trustworthy and respected companies.

The White Label broker model: steps to come into the Forex market

The Forex market is still promising and beneficial, while its annual turnover is 17 times higher than the global GDP indexes. According to the IMARC Group, the market is expected to grow by 6% annually; this is why it’s still high time for newcomer brokers to enter the industry. While talking about their expenses, a White Label Forex solution is the best model for newcomers preferred by about 85% of all companies represented on the market. Meanwhile, brokers need to understand the key steps of such a process.

Choose the preferred WL trading platform

When a Forex broker startup enters the market, a newcomer faces a wide range of challenges and expenses. Beginner brokers need to register a company, create a multifunctional and straightforward website, establish call-center, etc. Meanwhile, the key solution is always connected with the implementation of trading platforms.

This said a broker needs to decide which trading platforms to implement. Note that traders expect to get multifunctional high-end services that entirely meet the expectations.

The Forex market offers more than 10 trading platforms that are more or less popular; meanwhile, top companies prefer to implement MT4 or MT5 that are leveraged by more than 50% of traders worldwide.

While talking about FX White Label solutions, they save newcomer brokers about $200 000, if to take into account maintenance and customer support.

Get customized functionality to meet your clients’ expectations

Trading platforms are considered systems developed for placing orders, analyzing prices, getting the necessary information to predict the future price movement, etc. As such, platforms have the same goals; meanwhile, diverse solutions grant both brokers and traders a list of additional features.

Furthermore, a broker gets a fully functional solution that is customized to your business. For instance, a company provides server infrastructure, ready-made plugins, and integration products, special packages to make your business available for a jumpstart on the market.

Discuss all your needs and demands with experts to understand which package entirely corresponds with your personal requirements.

Think about other solutions suggested by a company

A trading platform implementation is an important step towards the Forex market conquering; meanwhile, newcomer brokers may get even more support, depending on a company.

For instance, B2Broker offers market newcomers a wide range of turnkey Forex solutions to implement. Aside from the WL trading platforms, the company serves as a top liquidity provider, connecting a broker with Tier 1 market-makers.

The market is gaining momentum now; this is why all the players need to correspond with the new trends and tendencies. B2Broker is a door into the world of success and progress, as the company is always working on new effective solutions, being one step ahead of the competitors.

Mercredi 20 Octobre 2021