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Factors Chain International : nouveaux membres

During a recent meeting of the FCI Executive Committee, the following institutions were accepted as new FCI Members, bringing the total number of members to 242 in 64 countries :

Hua Xia Bank, China
Hua Xia Bank is the 15th member in China, the country which has recently become FCI’s largest generator of FCI export factoring business.

UniCredit Bank, Russia
With UniCredit Bank in Russia, the UniCredit Banking Group has now FCI membership in eight countries.

DnB NOR Finans (Sweden Branch), Sweden
The Swedish Branch of DnB NOR Finans (Norway) has joined FCI precisely 40 years after DnB NOR Finans played a vital role as one of the founding members of FCI, in 1968.


Vendredi 18 Juillet 2008

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