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Europe's largest corporations believe more bad news to come in 2009 from banks

EuroFinance, the global leader in cash and treasury management research, conferences and training, today announced findings from its Europewide business confidence survey which reveals that Europe’s largest corporations expect difficult market conditions to extend for the next 12 months.

EuroFinance surveyed over 350 Finance Directors and Treasury Executives from the largest multinational corporations in Europe. The findings, collated between April and July 2008, provide the most comprehensive evaluation of opinions on current and expected market conditions.

Tom Leander, editorial director, EuroFinance comments: “As these results demonstrate, Europe’s largest corporations believe that the credit crunch will last well into next year. However, the good news is that at the same time, corporate confidence is buoyant among 65.7% of respondents who expect M&A activity to increase with current market conditions offering interesting acquisition opportunities.”

“Based on face-to-face and telephone interviews with companies in the past four months, we believe that the pessimism is mainly related to the banking industry and to certain sectors where the credit crunch has impacted consumer confidence, i.e. sectors reliant on consumer spending/buying trends.”

“Our in-depth research shows that many sectors are still relatively confident. Many companies took the opportunity to refinance when rates were low and before the credit crunch really impacted. Higher rated companies are not reporting difficulty with financing and many still have large cash piles to tap into for growth opportunities.”

The survey’s full results will be presented by EuroFinance at the 17th International Cash and Treasury Management Conference event in Barcelona, taking place between 1st-3rd October.

About EuroFinance
EuroFinance is the world leader in helping companies to build better treasury business. The global portfolio comprises international, regional and country-specific conferences; public and in-house training; research and bespoke research capabilities; debate tables and leadership luncheons; industry roundtables; and an annual publication for the treasury market.
Each year the EuroFinance team travels to over 40 countries, interviewing around 2,000 corporate treasurers and their solution providers, giving the company an unrivalled wealth of information on trends and behaviour in treasury and cash management. EuroFinance is an Economist Group business.

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Jeudi 4 Septembre 2008

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