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Euro-Events organizes the 3rd Global Microfinance Summit_2019 in January in Istanbul, Turkey.

We are welcoming the 3rd Global Microfinance Summit_2019, January in Istanbul, Turkey, this time.
Moreover, the pleasure to announce the re-branding this year, focusing on three major global regions, Europa, Asia and Africa.

Global Microfinance Summit 2019 is covering all major areas influencing the Industry.

Social Impact Investing as a central part has a strong focus of social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups in society, devoting and developing programs covered with global institutional support. Green microfinance implicates a strong focus recently, holding a rapid growth and development in regards to improving environmental clime, while same time secures financial return.

Entrepreneurship as one popular form of microfinance, represented in the program with two segments woman- and young-entrepreneurship. International Finance institutions as World Bank and European Central Bank, are making their strong efforts in developing and incorporating marginal groups in societies.

Recent achievements and technology influence the process, helping ones who need help to reach finance resource more simply, at the same time faster and mobile. This builds the complete industry picture of recent microfinance developments.

We are expecting the presence of all involved MFIs from the region, Microfinance funds, International organizations, NGOs, International regulatory, advanced solution companies and many more to join and share their best practices as well future implications.

Join us in one at the world most historical city, Istanbul and share with us your experience, knowledge and innovations at the Global Microfinance Summit 2019 !

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