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E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Europe: Cashless Taxpayer and E-Invoicing - Digitalising Tax Compliance in Poland

Within four years, Poland reduced its VAT gap by half (2015: 25%, 2019: 11%) due to several legislative and technology measures (digital transactional reporting, online cash registers, real-time early warning system for VAT fraud, incentives for cashless payment).

As a next step E-Invoicing will become mandatory. From January 2024 all B2B invoices need to be reported via the National Electronic Invoice system KSeF. The KSeF is a central government platform for invoicing and for receiving invoices electronically. After a company has transmitted the invoice a digital time stamp will be added. Furthermore, the KSeF will send out notifications to let the users know about a number assigned through the time stamp, or invoice rejection. To create an incentive to use the new platform, the government has announced to shorten the period for VAT refund by one third (40 instead of 60 days). Another advantage for companies will be the granted exemption from the JPK_FA file declaration.

The E-Invoicing Exchange Summit will be held in Lisbon from September 26 to 28, 2022. At this well established and global networking platform participants will get in-depth information about recent developments and future trends in the field of E-Invoicing. Beside the country update on Poland participants will also get the latest status of countries such as France, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, and the United States.

An exhibition of the leading industry partners in the field of E-Invoicing, payment and process automation will be featured.

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