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Does mastery matter?

I’m finding that there is a growing misconception that achieving mastery is the key to success.

Shawn Casemore
Shawn Casemore
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[I’m here to dispel this misconception, but before I do let’s first look at what Mastery really is. According to Merriam-Webster, Mastery is when someone has “complete control over something.” The term suggests that mastery results when we have achieved the upper limits to what is possible in the particular forum or subject.

Two thoughts:

Mastery is the spouse of Perfection.

Perfection is the arch nemesis of Action.

Pursuit of Mastery, in my opinion, is counter intuitive if your desire is to take action and achieve results. Let me give you an example…

A focus on self mastery would suggest that one must be able to control our thoughts, emotions and responses to any situation at all times. Achieving mastery in this regard would suggest that we have complete control over ourselves. I can’t speak for you, but achieving this level of mastery would take a tremendous amount of time and effort. In addition, as the majority of others have not achieved self mastery, it would suggest we need to place unnecessary pressure and constraint on ourselves to adapt to others.

What’s my point?

Success in any facet is a direct result of action; action breeds outcomes and outcomes deliver results.

I have an acronym that I refer to that you might find helpful. I call it the triple A approach:

Act – take consistent action towards your objectives.

Adapt – be comfortable in your approach; focus on adapting to changing environments.

Adjust – adjust your approach based on valid feedback you receive (verbally and visually).

So the next time someone tells you it is necessary to focus on Mastery to achieve success, suggest that a focus on consistent and meaningful actions are a more powerful approach to rapidly achieving your objectives.

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