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Distributed Health Conference to Discuss Blockchain Applications in Healthcare

The blockchain has gotten a lot of attention in the financial industry.

As the industry matures, other applications are coming to the forefront, from supply-chain management, to provenance, to even healthcare. The Distributed: Health conference, taking place in Nashville, Tennessee will focus on the intersection of blockchain technology and healthcare. The conference aims to address several issues in this area, from regulatory concerns to electronic medical records, and how the blockchain might help address some of the problems faced by the industry. Nashville is home to several large healthcare companies and hospitals.

In addition to regular talks and panel discussions, the event will feature a 24-hour hackathon to prototype an idea using existing APIs, so developer can quickly build a sample application and present their idea.

Current State of Healthcare and Blockchain

A few startups and groups within larger corporations are working on the intersection of blockchain and health-tech. Accenture has gone on record working on trying to solve the problem of counterfeit pharmaceuticals using the blockchain. Deloitte’s Rubix group is working on enterprise-level blockchains, and one of the advertised applications in tracking pharmaceuticals through the supply-chain to ensure the end customer gets what is promised.

Gem, which is the sponsor for the event, has also pivoted towards blockchain and healthcare. The startup, which has raised over $12 million, started as a Bitcoin API provider. However, like other startups that had their genesis in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Gem has since pivoted to enterprise-blockchains instead, and specializing in the healthcare industry. Earlier this year, the company announced a partnership with Philips to test healthcare applications of blockchain.

The event will take place on October 3, 2016 in Nashville, TN at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The hackathon will take place from October 1-2, 2016, just before the conference start. The event speakers range from established healthcare companies, to blockchain startups and consulting firms that are working in these areas.

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