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Customer Experience: Put your best foot forward

Last week I golfed nine holes with a close friend at a beautiful course in Regina Saskatchewan. Despite loosing a few balls in the rough, we had a great time, however it didn’t start out that way. When we first arrived the golf attendant, an elderly gentlemen, avoided greeting us, cutting right to the chase in wondering whether we were golfing nine holes or 18. My friend immediately asked if we could golf “the back nine,” to which the attendant responded with a look of shock. The next five minutes consisted of a “rant” by the golf attendant on why it’s inappropriate ask to golf the back nine.

Shawn Casemore
Shawn Casemore
After enduring the rant, my friend was about to alter his request when the attendant, to our disbelief, proceeded to tell us that he would let us golf the back nine, but to heed his warning for the future.

As we collected our scorecard and paid the fee, the golf attendant suddenly shifted to speaking about how great the weather was, and what a wonderful day for golf, clearly trying to soften the mood. His message was too little, too late.

Needless to say the experience turned both my friend and I off from visiting the course again, but not on account of the message, for there was some points made that seemed appropriate; but because of how the message was delivered. The attendant clearly was highly analytical, focused more on ensuring rules and policies were followed, rather than ensuring the customer experience was pleasant and memorable.

The style for a memorable customer experience.

Every individual has a unique behavioral style that influences how they communicate and interact with others. There are benefits to each style, however there are also clear signals as to what styles are more beneficial to interact with customers.

The Customer Experience Profile below outlines the most critical aspects of the behavioral style of those directly interacting with customers.

Customer Experience: Put your best foot forward
In business, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Can you really afford to put an employee with the wrong behavioral style in front of your customers? Contrast the behavioral styles of your employees who interact directly with customers against the Customer Service Profile below. Are you putting your best employees foot forward?

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Jeudi 12 Juin 2014