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Mercredi 18 Juillet 2018

Cryptotrading marketplace SIMDAQ Imports Data of the Eight Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The SIMDAQ team implemented a solution for importing and storing historical trading data of the large cryptocurrency exchanges. SIMDAQ users will have the opportunity to train in the mode of simulation of the real trading sessions by independently choosing tools and convenient speed of passing historical periods.

SIMDAQ, a platform for the cryptotrading development, will allow new participants of the cryptoasset market to get acquainted with the trading environment and safely train on large arrays of historical data.

Among the exchanges, which data were added to the SIMDAQ tools as the first ones, there are popular sites leading in terms of trading volume:
Coinbase Pro
Waves DEX

The list of exchanges will be expanded in the future. The following blocks will be integrated in the starting release of the platform: the simulation of trading on historical data, the statistics collection, trade reports and a library of training cases. A marketplace for trading automatic strategies and content using Smart Contracts of the Waves Platform, as well as other elements will be started at the next stage as part of the platform development.

“A sophisticated hi-tech system lies at the heart of our simple and user-friendly platform. Our brilliant IT team allows us to solve problems of any complexity and be confident in the prospects of SIMDAQ, as we are bringing a strong product to the digital asset market with the possibility of its further evolution”, Eugene Dubovoi, Founder and CEO of SIMDAQ, made his comment.

An integrated environment where all participants, from beginner to professional, will find effective solutions for themselves is a key feature of the SIMDAQ approach. Skills in the cryptoasset market are in demand not only by professional traders. Any participant in the cryptocurrency market needs adaptation and training before entering the exchange independently.

The platform provides a wide range of opportunities for sharing experiences and ideas, such as individual and group trade with a mentor, analytics of recent cases, tournaments, a base of reliable well-tested trading signals and robots and streaming trades. The content will be created by the community and presented on SIMDAQ Marketplace, a decentralized trading platform. SMQ tokens, which are currently available on Waves DEX, a decentralized exchange, will be used for mutual settlements.

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