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ConsenSys Acquires HAL to Augment Infura's Blockchain Notification and Automation Capabilities

ConsenSys announced the acquisition of HAL, a no-code blockchain development tooling platform that helps individuals and organizations query and automate blockchain data. With this acquisition, Infura, the world's leading Web3 API provider from ConsenSys, will extend capabilities in its developer stack by using the strong configurable webhooks/notification service built by HAL. This integration will allow developers to create alerts and notifications at the protocol level for various signals.

- Introducing on-chain signaling into Infura’s product stack will allow developers to create alerts and notifications at the protocol level for various signals.
- More than 40 higher-level APIs for blockchain/ on-chain listening and signals will be accessible to developers due to this integration.
- Hal's acquisition represents a step forward in Infura's plan to help build an open, decentralized web by giving blockchain developers access to powerful tools that support multiple networks and use cases.

HAL is a blockchain data listening and automation platform with automated workflow tools (i.e. notifications) across email, Discord, Slack, Telegram, and Twitter including:

- Digital assets trading: Track wallet, liquidity levels, tokens and NFT prices, relevant swaps, and collateral health
- Decentralized governance: Boost DAOs' engagement through notifying the community about upcoming voting.
- Blockchain compliance: Track crypto activities for tax purposes and push data from blockchains to centralized IT systems.

“Infura has been investing in tools and features that will strengthen the developer experience and fill the gaps in the building process. Enabling developers a seamless end-to-end experience is a key goal and one of the most important trends is low code / no code solutions. Hal is a great fit for Infura as it allows users to access more than 40+ higher level APIs for blockchain / on-chain listening and signals”, said Eleazar Galano, co-founder of Infura. “This integration means a step forward in Infura’s plan to evolve beyond the leading RPC provider and become a leader in blockchain development tools,” Galano added.

The announcement signals a major step in the acceleration of ConsenSys' vision to continue developing its core product suite and building better systems for a decentralized future.

The acquisition of HAL by ConsenSys comes just one year after the company acquired MyCrypto to team up with the market-leading Web3 wallet, MetaMask. The plan is for HAL to build on the user experience improvements that have come in the wake of the MyCrypto acquisition and enable MetaMask to offer a dynamic, personalized notification system, which should help drive engagement throughout the ecosystem.

In ’22 and ’23 ConsenSys has witnessed modularization, growth, and maturation of the Ethereum ecosystem. The company continues to be on the lookout for strong acquisition opportunities and is actively tracking many of the most exciting projects in the space in niches like wallet security, account abstraction, various aspects of MEV, Layer 2 scalability, privacy, Web3 Components (e.g. identity, verifiable credentials, NFTs) and more.

The 10 talented HAL employees joining ConsenSys team will bring their experience in low-code/no-code development solutions to bolster the Infura product suite. This will extend Infura’s capabilities in higher order APIs, while offering a new level of composability for developers to create “recipes” for notifications which can be helpful for their team or users. In sum, HAL will provide Infura with unique technical expertise on designing and implementing effective blockchain automation and notification solutions.

"Since day one, we believed bridging Web3 and Web2 is paramount to improve blockchain user experience, reach less technical people, scale blockchain to mass adoption and fulfill the trustless, people-empowering Web3 vision we are all excited about," said Marco De Rossi, President and co-founder at HAL. "Joining our efforts with ConsenSys is the way to tremendously accelerate the impact of HAL technology by bringing it to millions of users," De Rossi added.


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