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ClimateSeed, when social business leaves to conquer CES 2019

The rising startup ClimateSeed is one of the several startups representing the French Tech in the new edition of famous CES. Its goal? To convince as many companies as possible that carbon offsetting is one of the major solutions for fighting global warming.

What Is ClimateSeed?

ClimateSeed offers a web marketplace of real and meaningful sustainable projects delivering voluntary carbon credits while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals: reforestation, energy efficiency, household devices and more.

Companies can voluntarily offset the CO2 emissions that is a byproduct of their daily activity. To do so, they signup to, browse and contribute to those projects to securely and easily offset their emissions.

This way, companies can boost their brand by positively impacting the environment and society.

Launched by a leading global bank, BNP Paribas, it’s a Social Business supported by Nobel Peace Prize Professor Yunus.

ClimateSeed has the ambition to ensure the transparency, security and efficiency of the voluntary carbon market and to contribute to United Nations SDGs.

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Talk, meet, convince & emerge : 4 challenges in 4 days.
Talk & meet : more than ever Tech Industry must be aware of environmental issues and its responsibility.
CES is one of the biggest gathering for leading companies and innovative start-ups (182 000 total attendance & 4 400 exhibiting companies this year). It is, therefore, the opportunity to meet important representatives.

Convince: three hurdles to cross.
1 - Carbon offset has bad reputation for greenhorns;
2 - Climate change is not yet accepted as a scientific fact by everyone in the US.
3 - Digital services is one of the most polluting industry in the world, with numbers similar to aviation.

Emerge: in order to make the difference, ClimateSeed develops a use case showing how CES could be carbon neutral and the team attends various conferences.

Edoardo Bertin (Product Manager)
+33 6 72 13 98 27
ClimateSeed, when social business leaves to conquer CES 2019

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