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Canada | CFO Moves – week ending July 3, 2015

Tracking CFO Movement Across Canada.

Surge Energy Inc. announced that Maxwell Lof, Chief Financial Officer, will be leaving the Company to pursue other interests.

Green Hygienics Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GRYN) announced the appointment of David Alexander as its new CFO. David was CFO of Arakis Energy Corporation, which was subsequently sold to Talisman Energy Inc. He was also CFO of Nortran Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Nortran subsequently, became Cardiome Pharma Corp.

Dream Office REIT (TSX: D.UN) announced the appointment of Rajeev Viswanathan as the REIT’s Chief Financial Officer effective August 10, 2015. He was most recently the Senior Vice President of Finance for Brookfield Asset Management. During his time with Brookfield, Mr. Viswanathan worked at General Growth Properties, the second largest U.S. REIT. Rajeev began his professional career with Ernst & Young LLP.

Luna Gold Corp. (TSX: LGC) announced the departure of Duane Lo from the positions of Executive Vice President and CFO of Luna Gold effective June 30, 2015. Concurrently, the Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Brad Blacketor as Chief Financial Officer effective July 7, 2015. Mr. Blacketor was CFO of Metallica Resources Inc. for 11 years prior to their merger into New Gold Inc. His past associations have been as CFO at Gold Resource Corporation, Bear Creek Mining Corporation, Metallica Resources Inc., and MinCorp Ltd. Most recently Mr. Blacketor was CFO at Midway Gold Corp.

Goldrush Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: GOD) announced the appointment of Scott Davis as Chief Financial Officer effective July 1, 2015. Mr. Davis is a partner in the Vancouver accounting firm CrossDavis & Company LLP where he has provided accounting services to junior mining and industrial companies for over 10 years. Scott Hamilton, who has served as Chief Financial Officer since November 2014 and as Chief Accountant of Goldrush since 2004 has resigned in order to take a position in the oil and gas industry.

ATK Oilfield Transportation Inc. announced the appointment of Darcy Campbell as Chief Financial Officer. Darcy worked at the executive level, including as CFO, for both publicly traded and private companies as well as Canadian and international companies. Brett Walker is leaving his position as CFO to explore other opportunities and will remain with ATK for a period to assist with the transition.

ExGen Resources Inc. (TSX-V: EXG) announced the appointment of Jason Tong to the position of CFO for the Company. Mr. Tong replaces Brian Harder, who is resigning as CFO. Mr. Harder will remain as a consultant to the company. Mr. Tong was previously the CFO of Pathway Capital Ltd. Mr. Tong was the CFO of Turnberry Resources Ltd. from February 2012 until the Company was acquired in April 2014. Currently, Mr. Tong is the CFO of Bluefire Mining (since March 2011) and holds a senior management position with a private technology start-up.

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