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Blockchain Tech 4.0 will be the very first conference in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Blockchain Tech 4.0 will be the very first conference in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
In line with the Saudi 2030 vision, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to become the global epicentre of the digitized economy which will be fully powered by blockchain technologies. In order to thrive in the 4.0 economy, it is of paramount importance for Saudi entities to have a solid understanding of how Blockchain technologies will disrupt the way we understand the world, privacy and business at large.

Blockchain Tech 4.0 will be the very first conference in the Kingdom to tackle cross-sector blockchain implementation featuring government, healthcare, oil & gas, ports & supply chain as well as bringing international best practices on blockchain implementation.

Join 300+ blockchain pioneers, investors, government officials and C-level executives to discuss the hurdles connected to blockchain disruptions and how to embrace and troubleshoot emerging risks of the 4th industrial revolution.

Top 5 reasons to attend:

- Learn about the 2030 vision and the Blockchain strategy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
- Understand the foundations of Blockchain technology and how it will impact your organization from the world’s trailblazers
- Meet the blockchain pioneers from around the globe to learn best practices in crypto investment and blockchain
- Learn about the hottest investment opportunities in the blockchain industry
- Prepare to thrive in the 4.0 era and be on the forefront of innovation

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Mardi 13 Novembre 2018

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