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Blockchain Community getting stronger through Satoshi United happening in Dubai

The event is scheduled for 22-23 October in V hotel Dubai. There has been a lot of upheaval in the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry in the last year.

Blockchain Community getting stronger through Satoshi United happening in Dubai
Cryptocurrencies hit their highest values & unprecedented market caps. Although there have been a lot of unlikeable phenomenon’s like fraudulent ICO's & data hacks, still the blockchain as a technology has grown leaps & bounds in terms of acceptance & implementation. More & more entrepreneurs & innovators are coming up with products & solutions based on the blockchains. In fact, some countries have displayed tremendous liking towards such innovations, a staunch example will be Dubai, which is becoming the new headquarter for blockchain oriented companies & entrepreneurs.

In the month of October on the 23rd & 24th, Satoshi United will be conducting the 2nd edition of their global series of blockchain & cryptocurrency conference. The event is going to be a Launchpad of new ideas & solutions for blockchain implementation in the real world. Some of the most prominent personalities of the blockchain world will be present to deliver keynote speeches, participate in panel discussions & deliberate over collaborations & investment in new projects. Satoshi united is focused on providing a platform for new age thinkers to extend their ideology to the world while building a strong community & network of blockchain enthusiasts.

In the first edition conducted at Singapore, Satoshi United attracted hundreds of attendees & innovators found investment for their ambitious projects. The support from Dubai official authorities has added to the momentum of Satoshi United, the event is expected to be attended by over 1000 enthusiasts & major panel of blockchain investors. The scheduled activities are focussed on funding a high number of new projects while creating networking opportunities for the entrepreneurs who are established in the industry already.

So hurry up and grab your early bird passes. The early bird expires on the 10th October

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