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Bitmain and other market leaders will perform at the forum Blockchain Life 2018.

A little more than a month remains until the key event of crypto industry - global forum Blockchain Life 2018, November 7-8 in Saint Petersburg.

The list of speakers is filled with the leaders of the crypto industry: world leading mining equipment producer Bitmain, creators of Telegram channel “10 dollars of Buffet” (Alik Arslanov and Artem Popov) and other influential industry experts.

More than 80 international speakers and 11 panel discussions in the programme of the biggest forum of the industry in topics:

- Cryptocurrencies trading. How to make a profit in a falling market?
- Crypto foundations. Secrets of the successful investments.
- World leaders in the sphere of cryptocurrency exchanges. Secrets and insides.
- Blockchain - technology features in 2018. Blockchain introduction into business.
- Actual trends of the cryptocurrencies market.
- ICO and crypto projects advertisement. New and efficient traffic channels.
- Secrets of successful ICO in 2018.
- State and Blockchain.
- Technological solutions for crypto industry.
- Legal aspects of the crypto world.
- Efficient mining. Problems and solutions.

The programme of the forum is formed on 80% and it is available on the website

The Organizers promise to announce the secret speakers soon (last year one of the secret speaker was Herman Klimenko, advisor of the Russian president). Not only the announcement of first state persons is awaited, but also founders and CEOs of world companies in industry and celebrities announcement.

ICO projects have a great opportunity to be presented to the largest Asian and European foundations in the frameworks of ICO Pitch. The number of places for performance is swiftly finishing.

General sponsor of the forum is international crypto platform GoldJob. International and the special Diamond sponsor - trading platform BigX.

The biggest part of tickets for the forum is sold out, hurry up to buy a ticket at the available price right now. During each secret speaker announcement, the ticket price will rise.

Buy a tickets for event of the year right now -

Finyear is a media partner of the event.

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Vendredi 28 Septembre 2018