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Bellin and Swift commit to long-term treasury management partnership

BELLIN and SWIFT strengthen their cooperation and implement a direct connection between SWIFT and tm5.

The contracts were signed at Sibos 2013 (SWIFT International Banking Operations Seminar) in Dubai on 17 September 2013.

After more than a year of preparations, it has finally happened: The collaboration has been formalized and the direct connection of BELLIN's web-based software tm5 to the SWIFT network is now available to all interested companies. Since 2012, the partners jointly developed the BELLIN SWIFT Service to exchange messages with banks directly via SWIFT. This makes BELLIN the first treasury management system provider to integrate SWIFT into its application directly without requiring the involvement of third parties, e.g. SWIFT Service Bureaus.

"Selected partners can now offer highly robust, secure straight-through processing of financial transactions as part of their cloud offering - that's a real competitive advantage," declares Filip Versluys, Head of SWIFT Partner Marketing.

Leading Role Thanks to Many Years of Experience in Cloud Computing
BELLIN's web-based software and a successful IT approach makes this collaboration possible. "We have years of experience in cloud computing and ASP hosting, which gives us a technological advantage over other providers. Therefore, SWIFT has selected us as the first treasury solution provider to integrate this much more efficient direct connection without any intermediate entity," explains Martin Bellin, founder and Managing Director of BELLIN.

Payments in Four Dimensions
BELLIN complements its range of payment solutions: For years, customers have been able to contact banks individually and directly using host-to-host connections based on local standards, e.g. EBICS. Now, they can establish a direct connection to the SWIFT network. Therefore, all communication methods between banks and organizations have become globally available. "With the embedded SWIFT connection in its cloud application tm5 , BELLIN unlocks the full potential of multibank communication and acts as a one-stop-shoank communication and acts as a one-stop-shop for their customers," Martin Bellin continues. "Four-dimensional payments - multi-country and multi-bank processing of both domestic and cross-border payments - have become easy and natural with tm5."

Payments and Account Statements Are Just the Beginning
In times of increasing globalization in cash management and payments, an international solution involving SWIFT represents a huge advantage for globally active companies. After all, more than 10,000 financial institutions are connected to the SWIFT network.

BELLIN intends to intensify the cooperation with SWIFT in the future. "Processing payments and receiving account statements via SWIFT is just the beginning," says Martin Bellin. "Integrated communications via SWIFT offer much more potential, particularly in the areas of trade finance and matching. We have developed many ideas together with SWIFT, and we continue working to expand our range of shared services."

SWIFT also affirms that the partnership is a trend-setting and long-term commitment. "We will continue strong relationships with our partners. In this way we can service both the needs of our community and those of the wider market for financial transaction processing," Versluys states.

Vendredi 4 Octobre 2013