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Lundi 14 Septembre 2020

Aqua Rising launches alt-assets which put a tradable value on people!

Aqua Digital Rising the new and innovative alternative-asset and analytics investment platform has announced the start of its pre-funding round as it prepares for its launch in January 2021.

Aqua Indices represents one of the most significant developments in the area of alt-assets since the launch of cryptocurrencies. Big Data analytics linked to AI has allowed Aqua to construct indices based on humans. Hundreds of data points are collected and analysed using proprietary technology and then benchmarked against peer groups to allow a value to be created for individuals. Thousands of inputs, from performance to ‘likes’ are used to track and value the success of sports, TV and movie stars, entrepreneurs, leaders and social media influencers.

Yasin Sebastian Qureshi, founder and head of strategy at Aqua commented: “For hundreds of years we have been able to invest in companies and now with Aqua you can invest in the people who make the company. For the first time in history investors will be able to invest in the source of all value creation: the individual human being. We are using mathematics, AI, machine learning and big data analysis to create alt-assets which allow investors to identify and put a value on success.”

Aqua is an exciting addition to traditional asset classes, a way to invest in human beings, using a sophisticated mathematical and analytic based live pricing engine, which offers next generation trading. It takes millions of scattered, isolated, data points and makes them into a continuous index. Aqua will offer a full range of easily accessed, transparent real-time tradable alt-asset indices based on actual people.
“Instead of placing a binary bet on whether Trump or Biden will win the US Presidential election you can take out a position on either of the candidates depending on whether you think the election will accelerate or end their careers. Our unique live pricing engine will constantly update their tradable value using historical, current and projected polls as well as analysing, second-by-second, the underlying sentiment across media and social media.” added Mr Qureshi.

Aqua is opening its first funding round today (9th September 2020) with investors able to register an expression of interest and apply for discounted shares through the Eureeca Crowd Funding site The company has until this point been financed by the founders, with the full crowdfunding round starting on 19th October and closing on the 29th November 2020.

Dev Dutta, Aqua founder and head of technology believes this is a unique product which will lead the development of a new investment sector. “Through using mathematics and analytics to calculate the value of sporting, entertainment and social media stars, we are creating assets which people understand and can relate to. Instead of making a bet on your favourite footballer you can use your sporting knowledge to invest in him or her on Aqua Indices and hopefully benefit from the future success of the player.”

Aqua has been founded by a team of industry specialists with a successful, proven track record of developing and marketing innovative financial services companies. They have taken a number of these through to IPO, delivering high quality returns for investors.

Aqua Digital Rising Ltd is a UK registered company which has developed and is launching the world’s first alternative assets indices and trading platform. Big data is democratised and being used with AI, analytics and mathematics to provide real-time pricing of individuals, putting a value on human success.
The founders Dev Dutta and Yasin Sebastian Qureshi have considerable experience in developing innovative financial services trading products and taking these to market. Yasin is the founder and former CEO of Varengold Bank and and Dev is a leading financial services software engineer who worked at Barclays Investment Bank Strategy Indices. They are supported by a senior team of successful industry professionals.
Aqua is the first company to create real-time indices on human beings allowing investors to participate in the value increase of individuals from sports, media, social media, business and politics. For the first time in history everyone will be able to invest in the source of all value creation, people.

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