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Anchor, a New Financial Standard and Monetary System for Preserving and Enhancing the Value of Investor Holdings

Anchor is a two-token stable currency system pegged to a financial index that safeguards investments against economic volatility, inflation and market speculation.

Anchor AG, a financial services holding company, introduces Anchor, a dual-token stable currency that is pegged to a proprietary Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU), which calculates the value and growth of the global economy with validated data, including the real GDP, from more than 190 countries. Anchor’s monetary system and the MMU financial index are designed to protect, preserve, and enhance investments of individuals, businesses, and organizations over time with a transparent, stable, and predictable financial standard.

The MMU provides the most accurate available measure of the current value and future trend of the global economy in real-time. By pegging Anchor to the world’s economic growth, which increases at an average rate of 2.5% annually while fiats are in consistent decline, Anchor is offering a unique solution to the core global economic issues of depreciation and volatility.

“Economic stability is essential for prosperity, and yet no currency exists across fiat and crypto markets that are both truly stable and non-volatile,” explains Daniel Popa, Founder and CEO of Anchor AG. “Anchor’s mission is to create a foundation for a sustainable and healthy global economy. We believe that whatever you have earned in your life should not be susceptible to losing value and have created a solution that has the potential to help national economies find long-term financial stability and an incremental, steady accumulation of value.”

Anchor is comprised of Anchor Tokens, the main currency that will be publically available and traded, and Dock Tokens that are auxiliary utility tokens crucial for keeping the value of the Anchor pegged to the MMU, and therefore, stable and predictable.

When the dynamics of global economic events occurs, such as inflation, causing the Anchor Token’s value to fall below the value of the MMU, an open auction with a reward system will be initiated for Anchor Token holders to incentivize them to exchange their Anchor Tokens for Dock Tokens in order to stabilize the currency. When the exchange rate for the Anchor Token rises above the MMU, an expansion phase is initiated during which any Dock Token owners can convert their tokens back into Anchor Tokens at a much higher value. Additionally, Anchor Tokens are airdropped to holders until Anchor’s value returns to the value of the MMU.

Anchor’s stability is further secured by a safety net of six economic, financial, and algorithmic pillars to protect it against inflation, devaluation, and volatility. In addition, 21 validators, including Anchor AG, financial institutions, auditors, banks, insurance companies, universities, investment funds, all with competing priorities from around the world, will control the number of tokens in circulation with a process setup that prevents the possibility for collusion.

About Anchor
Anchor is a new financial standard that aims to preserve and enhance the value of investor holdings. Anchor’s mission is to provide individuals, businesses, and organizations with a reliable, predictable, and stable financial standard that is resistant to economic volatility, inflation and market speculation. Anchor is a two-token system pegged to a proprietary index, the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU). The MMU reflects the value of the global economy and is based on validated data, including the real GDP, from more than 190 countries. Anchor is further protected by a safety net of six economic, financial, and algorithmic pillars, and is rolling out 20 validators over the next year.

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