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Mercredi 17 Février 2021

Alchemy Partners Instpower to Enable Crypto Payments Across Global Network of Power Bank Sharing Stations

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Alchemy Pay, the world’s first decentralized finance (DeFi), hybrid finance, hybrid fiat and crypto payment solution provider, has partnered with Instpower, a global power-bank-sharing network, to enable digital payment acceptance across their charging stations.

Instpower is the world’s leading network builder of power-bank-sharing, providing power-bank rental services for all kinds of life scenes such as restaurants and cafes, so that consumers no longer need to buy, charge and carry self-owned power banks.

This partnership allows Instpower users to choose their preferred mode of payment – from cryptocurrencies to mobile wallets (such as Alipay) – when using Instpower services, unlocking easy access to mobile charging while on the move.

With global cryptocurrency adoption in its sights, Alchemy Pay has been a frontrunner in integrating crypto payments into consumers’ daily lives – leveraging advanced payment and blockchain technologies to enhance speed and security of transactions for developers and businesses.

Alongside Instpower, renowned ecommerce and payment industry leaders such as Shopify, Arcadier, QFPay and many more have already integrated with Alchemy’s payment system to drive crypto adoption to greater heights.

Alchemy, Singapore

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