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2011 Tuesday 22nd March (Webcast) : Finance Transformation – the Next Chapter

Kurt Salmon in partnership with Consider Solutions present :Finance Transformation – the Next Chapter

Date: Tuesday 22nd March

Time: 3pm (UK)

Vagn Hansen Ex Shell VP Finance
David Mitchell, Partner, Kurt Salmon
Dan French, Managing Director, Consider Solutions

As organisations continue the drive for simplification and standardisation of operations and finance processes, new strategies and tactics are emerging to address some of the classic challenges in Finance Transformation:
- We have invested heavily in ERP, compliance, assurance and transformation, but have we really improved?
- How do we ensure ‘what actually happens’ post-transformation is what we designed into our target operating model?
- How do we balance ‘control’ and ‘performance’ in a complex, multi-geography, changing business?
- How do we avoid the ‘un-intended consequences’ of our new performance indicators?
- How do we measure performance and control in a way that drives action?
- How do we sustain the transformation with continuous improvement?

This webinar combines best practice experience in Finance Transformation strategy and implementation programmes with the experience of the new generation of continuous monitoring techniques for assurance and process improvement.

In this one-hour, interactive webinar you will:
- Understand the key transformational challenges facing the Finance function
- Learn about making tomorrow’s winning business model a reality
- Hear about managing the Control vs. Performance challenge
- Learn about the role of Continuous Monitoring in process improvement
- Find out about industrializing process and control improvement as an integrated BAU activity

Vendredi 11 Mars 2011

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